How To Moonwalk

how to moonwalk

Learn how to do the classic dance move hugely popularized by Michael Jackson.

How to moonwalk like Michael Jackson is easy enough to learn. Also known as the “backslide,” this move rose to popularity along with MJ’s stardom. The moonwalk was initially seen in his performance of Billy Jean in 1983 at the Motown 25th anniversary show, but it was not Michael Jackson who neither came up with this groovy move nor was he the first to perform it. Just like you, at some point of his career, Michael Jackson tried learning how to moonwalk.

Just an FYI, backslides go way back as far as the 1950s. Bill Bailey, an entertainer, performed one of the most impressive backslides in 1955 at the end of a tap sequence. Other performers who did the moonwalk before Michael Jackson did include the legendary dancer Jeffrey Daniel, who later on work as one of MJ’s choreographers. James Brown also performed a kind of moonwalk before the move became a viral hit. But it was a street dancer, Cooley Jackson, who taught the King of Pop how to moonwalk.

Although Michael was not the one who invented the moonwalk, it was him who made the move world famous.

You’d be amazed how many people know to how to moonwalk or want to learn how to do the move, whether they may be MJ fans or not. For dance buffs, gaining this skill is a plus point. Plus it’d really be sad how you’re constantly learning new dance style and techniques yet failed to conquer the moonwalk. That’s almost like saying you’re an accomplished chef yet don’t know how to bake a simple cake.

And just like baking, no matter how simple a recipe it is, you need to follow instructions to get the desired result. Same goes in learning how to moonwalk.

When doing the moonwalk, you need to consider two major factors – your footwear and the surface of the floor. You see, when doing the moonwalk, you have to make it appear that you are moving without much effort. This is why you need to wear shoes with really smooth soles to lessen the friction between the floor and your feet. If this is your first time to learn the moonwalk, try it first with only your socks on and see how you would fare.

In addition to wearing the right shoes, you should also make sure to practice on a very smooth floor especially if you are a beginner. Floors like lanolin surfaces and smooth wooden floors are ideal choices of flooring.

Moonwalk Steps

Stand with your feet apart – the width a little less than your shoulder’s width. You have to make sure that your right foot is in a position where the right toes end alongside the middle portion of your left foot.

Lift your right heel as you put your weight on your right foot. Then with a sliding motion, take your left foot back and keep it completely flat against the ground then stop with the end of your left foot positioned in the middle portion of your right foot.

Drop your right heel as you lift your left foot using very smooth movements. Make it really, really smooth. No jerking or breaking, just continuous smooth walking as if your feet and body is flowing like water.

Slide your right foot back just like the way you did with your left foot. Alternately do these just like the way you did the earlier movements.

Aside from the floor and your footwear, you should also make sure that you are wearing loose clothes so that you can move freely without restrictions. The moonwalk is all about smoothness, of fluid motions, which you won’t be able to achieve if you’re constricted by what you’re wearing or where you’re doing it.

Just as nobody learned how to ride a bike after their first attempt, don’t expect that you’ll perfect the move after reading instructions and executing them. Just like you, Michael Jackson went through the whole process of learning as well – the whole trial and error, and the grueling hours of practicing. Aside from constant practice, employ the right mindset. No matter how many or what kind of setbacks you’ll encounter, nothing will faze you if you set your mind to your goal.

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