How to marry a millionaire

how to marry a millionaire

Who said fairytales exist in books and can only happen when you have a fairy godmother? Modern days, call for modern ways – including making your own happy ending.

How to marry a millionaire is not as easy as marrying the average Joe. Competition is tight, playfield’s tough, and expectations are high. Although it’s not impossible, marrying into money can be challenging. First block you’d have to cross over is actually meeting Mr. Wealthy Right. And when you do meet him, expect to come across more and even higher blocks. Marrying a millionaire entails for you to understand why this is important in your life, go over the consequences, and be prepared for what will happen if you marry solely for money.

There are cases that love finds you a great guy and with money. Since not everyone is as lucky as Kate Middleton, you have to go and carve your own luck.

Money Allure

History shows that women have always been traditionally drawn to men with wealth and power. Still, fact remains that meeting even potential candidates is challenging enough since wealthy people moves around in their circle only. Thus, if you don’t come from equal means, meeting a wealthy prospect is hard enough. Besides, most of these men got rich by locking themselves in boardrooms and offices, working their ass off almost 20 hours a day that they rarely have time to socialize.

Growing Trend

It has long been the subject of movies, books and television shows the woman’s desire to catch a rich man. This was first explored by the famous film “How to Marry a Millionaire” with the iconic Marilyn Monroe, who found her niche through her role in the comedy film. Although there may be some changes brought by time, the concept remains the same – a woman wanting material comfort by marrying someone wealthy. Women want to have it all – and by all, I mean large bank account, jewelries and luxury cars.

Marrying into money is no easy walk in the park. It needs for you to go through a complete overhaul if needed. You can’t catch a millionaire by being the loser who looks plain, can’t hold a job and barely passed her SATs. Try to be a woman with polish and substance – those are the kind of woman they want hanging on their arms. If you limit yourself to looks only, then you’ll be reduced to a favorite for a week, or less.

If you still don’t have a prospect in mind, know where you can scout for one. Find out everything you can about him – his hobbies, interest and preference in women companion.

Use Your Brain

Get an education. I can’t stress enough how the wealthy value education. This is in line with the polishing yourself. Most often, women without education are crass, unpolished and ignorant. Make him fall with your brain. A lot of women are already trying to snag him with looks and sex, so find your edge by having intelligent conversations with him regarding music, art and literature.

Learn about business. He’s rich, what else is he passionate about? Expect a lot of topics on business and money. In order to be able to run alongside him, you must be able to hold your forth when he starts talking. Impress him by showing him you can handle discussions on business and money management, and charm him with your strong grasp of finances.

Don’t be apathetic

Show him how involved you are in everything. Develop an interest in politics. Again, it boils down to money – and politics has it. Wealthy men don’t find it cute when you say that you can’t be bothered with it.

Use Your Body

Splurge and treat yourself to an aesthetic overhaul. You must constantly look your best to keep his interest. Wealthy men like to show off – including the woman in his arms. If you’re thinking of rocking the Bellatrix Black look, say goodbye to that millions.

Stay slim and fit. Keep him attracted to you by maintaining a good physique. Remember, supermodels are buzzing around him ready for the chance to take your position in his arms. You’ve hooked him with your brain, keep him interested with your body

Shop carefully. Mind your style and fashion sense. Be careful in purchasing tasteful clothes. Buy clothes of the best quality that you can afford, but careful on hiding the labels. It’s a turn on for a millionaire to know that you got class act when he sees the quality of clothes you choose to wear.

Keep improving yourself and surprising him. If you’re really determined to marry for money, get rid of any sappy emotions that can be a weakness for you. You’ve set out to marry a millionaire, prepare to move heaven and earth, bend yourself up to 360 degrees just to suit his lifestyle and preference.

Only determined and smart women who never miss anything can end up becoming Mrs. Millionaire.

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