How To Make Love To a Woman

how to make love to a woman

Fucking like jackrabbits and making love are quite different although they follow the same process. Find out the dynamics involved in lovemaking.

How to make love to a woman is relatively simple. Because sex is crucial in human nature, this kind of knowledge is sort of ingrained in our DNA – you just follow your instincts. Although, learning more on how to make love to a woman never hurts, in fact, it’s recommended. What you have are just the basics, and when it comes to satisfying your woman, basic is just not enough.

Making love is sex – magnified because of the emotions and femme-centered pleasure involved. You can’t make love to a hooker, because technically, you don’t have any feelings for her. Whereas sex is hot, pleasurable and natural; making love is all that and more – beautiful, passionate and fulfilling. How to make love to a woman doesn’t need for you to be brilliant or good looking or well-endowed – although it doesn’t hurt if you are the last one.

It’s sad but a lot of women never achieve orgasm through sex; an even disappointing number haven’t experienced orgasm through their life. This is not so much as their own knowledge on how to achieve one, as their partner’s lack of knowledge on inducing one. Does penis size matter? It doesn’t need to but if you ask women, you’d probably end up with the common answer, “I would sooner have ten inches than ten centimeters attending to my internal needs.”

The “wham-bam-thank, you ma’am” is the exact opposite of making love. Although a quickie will make you happy, it invariably leaves your partner disappointed, frustrated and feeling cheated.

Basically, how to make love to a woman is how much you can pleasure her and taking pleasure from it as well. She’s not a sex doll that you can just stick in your schlong, hump like the horn dog that you are and climax. Men like that give men in general a bad name.

Start with pleasing her senses.

Psyche her up and put her on the mood. If you know what turns her on most or what are her sexual fantasies, try to create it for her. You can go for the age-old romantic setting – rose petals, scented candles and slow music. This is already a major turn on for her. You can up the level a bit by saying something really sweet or naughty to her. Like how hard you’ve been all day thinking about her. How much of an effort it was going through mundane work stuff when you wanted to play hooky with her. To create a romantic setting, make sure to get rid of any external factors – unhook the phone and turn off all cell phones.

By the way, you can also ask her out on a romantic date. Bring her some place that screams romance, seduction and expensive. Going out of your way to spend something for her, is a turn on. Flirt with her and try to arouse her all through dinner.

Don’t jump her.

Knock yourself out with foreplay. Don’t rush things. Indulge in sweet torture. You can start by slowly undressing her – like a kid unwrapping his gift. Drop butterfly kisses to her skin as they are revealed to you. When she’s naked, look at her and let her see how aroused you are just by simply looking at her naked splendor. Tell her how beautiful she is.

Now you can either let her lie on the bed and watch you strip, or you can ask her to undress you. If she wants to do it, let her. This is not a one-man show. If she wants to be an active player, let her.

Admire her, hold her and tease her. Kiss her gently, tenderly and slowly. Make her want it – then give her a little more. Fondle her, yes, but never grope her.

Indulge in oral pleasures.

Fellatio, giving a blow job and cunnilingus, going down on her are the paths to oral pleasure. Make love to her using your tongue and fingers. You can further the torture by prolonging giving her orgasm. You can send her over the edge but not quite. Let her beg for a while then let her fly while continuing the ministrations of your fingers. Kiss her. This can be quite hot since you are letting her taste herself through you.

If she wants to play with you a bit and you can still hold on, let her. But if she doesn’t want to take you in her mouth, don’t force her. Remember, this is not all about you.

Make the move.

Where else does foreplay end? But I don’t mean end it with just a few strokes, dump your load and snore to sleep. Continue teasing her by rubbing the penis head around her inner lips and clitoris. Indulge in more rubbing of the head and the shaft to further the heat and anticipation. Even when she demands for you to get on with it, deny her and yourself for a while. Continue with the clitoral stimulation which should be too much for her by now, and aching for an orgasm.

There are still other ways to further the teasing if you want. Explore and experiment. The point is to prolong the sweet torture until it’s too much for both of you.

It’s better if you put variance to your rhythm. You can alternate between hard and soft, fast and slow, grounding and pounding. Try also to experiment with various positions. Keep in mind that the goal is for the both of you to reach pleasure. Try to ask her what she wants as well.

Be a gentleman and let her finish first. Or you can do it together – makes the connection more strong and the whole act more passionate.

Bonus for you is if you can get yourself hard again, you can bang her and bang her again since you’ve gotten her so aroused. No teasing necessary this time. While waiting, you can always cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to her.

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