How to look like Megan Fox

There’s only one Megan Fox, a few with features resembling her, but a lot wanting to look like her.

How To look like Megan Fox can be done by following the few easy pointers below. You can still be you, yet have the sultry looks of one of the hottest and sexiest women in the world.

Megan Fox has one-half of the male population fantasizing and drooling after her, and more than half of the female population wanting to look like her. With her signature kiss-me-now lips and drag-me-home eyes, Megan is the closest to a living, breathing goddess. If what you’re aiming for is an exotic and foxy beauty, you can get it by learning how to look like Megan Fox.

The first thing you need to do in order to look like Megan Fox is to engage yourself in serious work out with lots of cardio and strength training exercises. Keep your body healthy, toned – and tanned. To achieve that exotic look, avoid looking too pasty. You can lie out in the sun, baked, or you can fake it by applying tanning lotion.

The clothes and accessories. It’s common for fans to imitate the fashion sense of their idols. If you want to up the notch a bit – you can dress exactly like Megan Fox. Her fashion statement is basically casual showing a little bit of flesh, usually her much toned midriff. Megan’s style carries a lot of variation. For casuals, you often see her rocking ripped-jeans or shorts paired with tank tops or well-fitted cotton tees. For formal wear, you can browse through her pictures and look for those you know you can pull off.

The most common accessories she wears are her Ray Ban Aviators, Fedora hats, and leather belts. As mentioned, she’s big on casual attire so stick to sneakers, sandals or tall boots. For formal wear, she loves those high heeled Stiletto shoes.

The makeup. Although you’re not born with Megan’s beautifully contoured face, her cute button nose, and high cheek bones – you can create some sort of an echo of the real Megan Fox through the use of makeup.

Now, she has sea blue-green eyes which are absolutely stunning and are further enhanced by the eye makeup she wears. To peg her look really well, invest on a good quality of contact lenses closest to her eye color. Go for the shimmery eye shadow to highlight your eyes. Best recommendation is the smoky green color. Make sure to wear black mascara. Megan wears fake lashes, so it’s a good idea if you use one as well. To top it off, apply brown eyeliner in a Cleopatra-esque fashion. Use a bronzer to get Megan Fox’s chiseled and sculpted look.

Made for kissing, Megan has luscious gorgeous lips. To get that effect, you can use lipstick tricks. Megan is fond of bold colors, so choose those and use plenty of lip gloss.

The hair. Megan Fox has long dark brown hair. If you have short hair yet still want to go all-out in your quest on how to look like Megan Fox, you should consider getting extensions. If you can’t, well just try to make do with what you can. If you have light-colored hair, you can dye it dark either at a salon or at home by yourself.

Megan can rock whatever hairstyle. But she’s mostly seen sporting the bedroom hair – her tresses in slight disarray, falling softly down her shoulders and back. In order to get that look, here are the four simple steps:

  • Part your hair down the middle
  • Blow dry your hair straight. Use a round brush for more volume
  • Achieve those loose waves by curling the hair ends.
  • Slightly, shake your head back and forth a few times to achieve that somehow messy look.


The tattoos. You can either get a real tattoo or opt for the temporary/henna one – which is okay if you want to get the Foxy look for a certain occasion only. She has the words “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART” tattooed on her rib cage. Another famous one she has is a poem she wrote herself found at her back. Other ink she sports includes a yin and yang symbol, and a moon and star.

You can visit any tattoo shop to browse for something closer to what she has, or you can either design it yourself or write a poem that does have a significant impact to your life.

Remember, you are who you are; special in your own way. Don’t get too carried away in your desire to live up to someone you idolize. One day, you might regret doing something permanent, for just a phase in your life.

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