How to look like a model

Not all women can make it to the runway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a model as well.

How to look like a model is something every woman who isn’t actually a model aspires to be. Let’s face it, who isn’t eager to have a chance at the glamorous and fabulous life of a model? Even more, to look as hot and as desirable as them? So, if you have always wanted to look stunning and extraordinary among others in your crowd, for sure you would appreciate learning the right tips on how to look like a model every single day.

It’s pointless to spend any energy on envy over these women, rather focus on looking like them. Although you won’t exactly be walking down the catwalk, you’ll still make heads turn wherever you are. Isn’t that enough of a motivation? Aspiring to be exceptionally looking as these creatures gracing the covers of the magazines can be a good motivation for you to work hard on something in your life and feel really good about it.

How to look like a model starts with having a fit and healthy body. Remember that looking like a model doesn’t constitute to you being skin-thin and looking sickly. Eat right, leave right and make sure to cultivate a polished bearing, a sense of style, and learn to do every single task with confidence and panache.

Be fit and healthy. No matter which fashion channel, plus size magazines or any billboard here on earth, you can’t see a model with a bulging belly and flabby arms and thighs. Keep your body healthy and well-toned. Follow a well-balanced diet, rigid exercise routine and get enough sleep at night. If you have a good physique, you will be able to carry well any clothes you wear. Even dressed with a rucksack or a flannel gown, you’d still look hot.

Dress with sense. Getting that model-like look does not require you to wear party dresses even if you are just staying at home or going out for a walk. Dressing with sense simply means that you should wear appropriate clothes for the occasion. If you’re just going out for a walk, wear casual; a dinner date, rock that little red dress; and for work, then something that spells chic and authority. Also, looking like a model is not about how much amount of skin you can show. If that were the case, then the Red Light District is over-flooded with models at night.

Learn how to play with accessories. Confidence is still the best accessory any woman can wear. But there’s still room for more, say, that new Hermes scarf, perchance? When using accessories to complement a look, you should learn how to stay on the minimalist side. Please do refrain from over-accessorizing; someone might mistake you as a walking Christmas tree – now that’s just sad. Which is why having a sense of style is essential if you want to look like a model. A pair of high heels can make the simplest outfit stunning, provided you are comfortable with wearing it. Use bags that are stylish and wear colors that are in harmony with your whole outfit. You can play with colors and texture but be sure that everything will come out well-balanced.

Maintain a healthy mane. Your hair is your crowning glory. An old saying but still true enough. Having a shiny, luxurious hair – short or long; straight or curls, play a lot in your over-all look. You can go for the pixie look with short tresses, or the sultry appeal that you can pull off when you have long and vibrant hair. Basic thing to remember is to keep it clean and well-groomed. Style your hair according to the look you want, complementing the dress you wear.

Nothing better than natural beauty. You need to positively glow. Whatever skin tone you have, take care of it and enhance it. Although cosmetics are pretty much a part of a model’s life, you can opt for the natural, fresh look. There are ways to bring out the best out of your skin like glutathione shots, drinking plenty of water every day, pop Vitamin E supplements, or get facial treatments. Whether you’re wearing or not wearing makeup, it’s still great to have soft, smooth skin.

It may start as vanity. But aren’t humans naturally vain creatures? Before you shove me with pieces on humility, let me say that wanting to feel and look good and to stand out is way different than acting as if you’re better than others.

Remember, all these tips are rendered useless if you don’t have any confidence in yourself.

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