How to look hot

Jaw-dropping seduction is al about looking positively smoldering – appealing to all senses of the opposite sex.

How to look hot with a bit of those teasing stares and nasty moves conduce towards seduction is both a talent and a skill. You are born with assets you can skillfully flaunt with much confidence. It’s not necessarily just about dressing yourself sexily but with some right attitude.

You have to admit that it’s innate for humans to find out how to look hot. Nothing is surprising about this because there are only two types of individuals here on Earth. Those who are hot and then those that are quite lacking in that department. I said lacking, because you can still rectify it. There are ways to help you achieve a hot and irresistible look that is enough to make others give you a second glance with a hint of admiration in their eyes.

But what is hot anyway? Does it mean having a well-toned perfectly sculpted body? Without batting an eyelash, someone who has a sound and clear understanding about what being hot means will immediately tell you being hot is not limited to having nice curvaceous body. That perfect butt is not the mere reason to make a person look hot. Think about Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton. Both are skinny but they are always included in the top list of hot celebrities.

With this said, perhaps you have grasped the idea that being hot is not limited to having well-endowed breasts and big butts. So don’t get frustrated because you can still be hot even if you are not blessed with a curvy body shape.

Tip #1 – Your words and actions speak much about your personality. A pleasing personality is the basic and the most important requirement if you are thinking of ways on how to look hot. Learn the right way of socializing with others. Be nice to everyone and never put your two cents in if you are not being asked. In case you are asked to have your say in an ongoing discussion, look into the eyes of people talking to you. This will show how sincere and honest you are with whatever you are sharing.

Tip #2 – Wearing revealing clothes like dresses or blouses with plunging necklines are never considered as requisites for a hot personality. Only wear clothes that you feel most comfortable with. Do not wear something that you feel awkward wearing like donning clothes with plunging neckline just because it is the latest fashion trend. Before you leave your home, make sure that you checked how you look in the mirror several times to make sure that you will exude confidence as you face the world outside.

Tip #3 – You can’t be hot if you are untidy! What’s the use of having slim arms if your finger nails are dirty and you cannot lift your arms because your deodorant left white dandruff-like remnants in your armpits? Argh! This sure is a very ugly sight that may drive others to think you are very unhygienic.

In a nutshell, personal hygiene should not be disregarded if you want to look sizzling hot even if it is not summer.

Tip #4 – Confidence is the key. Being human, do not expect to be perfect in all aspects. Despite your physical and inner oddities and blemishes, you should always be confident of who you are. This confidence will radiate enough for people to be attracted to you. This is the best way for people to look at you as hot even without trying.

Tip #5 – Be firm with whatever you say. Be honest with your opinions and stand by it no matter what.

  • You should never give in easily to other people’s desire especially if you know that it’s not right.
  • Never try to please people just because you want to be included in their group.
  • Do not forget that your principles spell who you are as a person. Do not just drop what you believe in, for whatever reason it may be. People respect you because of your principles and way of thinking, why drop that?

When you are hot, everything else follows. So keep in check the various tips this articled dished on out on how to look hot and gain the respect and admiration of others without exerting much effort.

In a nutshell, the way to look hot is by being your own self. Be confident and be nice to others. Stand up for who you are – it’s the best way to look hot in the eyes of others. More than just any dress or fashion tips, your personality not your face is what can make you look desirable and alluring, so to speak.

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