How to know if a guy likes you

how to know if a guy likes you

Sometimes, signals can be misinterpreted, actions can be misconstrued. In order to avoid unnecessary and embarrassing scenes, find out whether he’s really into you or you’re just the best girl-buddy he hangs around a lot with.

How to know if a guy likes you? Is it some sort of a sixth sense that all women posses, a chapter of Dating 101 manual taught and learned, or a trick handed down through generations? Actually, it can be any or none of those. What matters is you don’t go making a fool of yourself or be disappointed when it becomes apparent that it’s the otherwise. In any way possible, possess and harness the trait on how to know if a guy likes you. So, before mapping out everything – dates, anniversaries and weddings, find out first if he is actually into you.

The male brain can be hard to read and dangerous to traverse. There is no instant magic sign which can point right out that he likes you. Instead, you have to take into consideration a number of signals. Below are a number of big and small telltale traits women must pay attention to, to know whether he likes you or not. If he’s showing most or all of them, then game over, it’s in the bag for you. But keep in mind, to get something, you must send out something as well.

In some cases, guys are too shy and reserved because they are looking for the same set of signals from you as well. Just mind the difference between interested and easy prey. Men are born natural hunters, they lose interest when there’s no challenge attached to their quest.

Watch his body language. He may not be sending the message verbally, but his actions may already probably be screaming “I fucking like you, get it?!” Most obvious signs would be the way he looks at you, the smiles, simple gestures, and the innocent touches. All these point to the glaring obvious that he has practically put you on the pedestal. Also, he likes to be in your company, hang around with you as much as he can. If he doesn’t like you at all, why waste time with you when he could already be working his way into someone else that he does like.

He’s nervous around you. He could be slouching so badly as if he left his skeletons at home but when you come into the room, he’d become stiff-straight people around him could swear something must have snapped. No matter how confident the guy is, he will always be reduced to a nervous wreck in your presence – unsure and fidgety. Why? Because he doesn’t want to mess things up. He wants to appear smooth and suave that what comes out is the exact opposite.

He wants to do things for you. In other words, he starts acting like your boyfriend. It’s old fashioned but it’s still pretty much practiced by a lot of guys these days. It has something to do about claiming. In he’s mind he’s already claimed you as his. Or he could be showing you his potentials. Boyfriends do stuffs for their girls, and if he’s started showing symptoms of these, then rejoice, the message is clear.

He shows genuine interest. Not your typical hey-how-are-you level of interest, but that he wants to involve himself in your business. He wants to get into your head by asking questions that requires more than a yes or no answer. It can be an inconsequential matter or heavy stuffs but when a guy is interested, he hangs on to your word like a virgin hangs on to her virtue. Consider also the interest he displays in a number of aspects of your life. Meaning, he’s showing interest in your interests to establish a nexus between his life and yours.

He tries to impress you. Peacocking, anyone? Chest-banging? If he’s Tarzan and you’re Jane, yes, that’s what he would do. But he’s your average Joe and you’re the modern day Jane, so the usual ways of impressing a girl are employed here. Although it’s never a good idea to impress girls, guys can’t help it. Chest-banging thing, remember? Also, you’d notice the different way he treats you. To other girls, he gives the nod; but to you, you get the whole genuine smile plus the wave. While in a group, he pays extra attention to you and your needs.

Sometimes, it can be unhealthy to fetch and look for something that’s just not there. Bottom line remains that if a guy actually likes you, and you’ve already sent out the same signals, then expect developments sooner than later. If not, move on and get over him. In your search for smoke and mirrors, you might be missing some other guy’s signals.

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