How To Know If a Girl Likes You

how to know if a girl likes you

Does she like you or is just trying not to be rude? Wouldn’t you want to know the answer to that?

How to know if a girl likes you or not can be challenging, yes. But then again, it can be quite easy if you just know what signs to look for. If you’re savvy or ballsy enough to ask a woman if she has dibs on you or not, then kudos. Although, that can always backfire to your face – losing your chance to actually land the girl. Not everyone has their eyes open for these signals; hence I created a list of the most common signs just to give you a heads up on how to know if a girl likes you.

If you’re well on your way to impressing a woman, being able to spot and understand the subtle signs women are dropping can help immensely. If you see signs that she’s buying all your moves and grooves, you can go for the kill; and if you see otherwise, you can always change tactics, ultimately making her go gaga over you. This article will be your guide on how to know if a girl likes you.

I’m guessing you’re not aware yet of the tell tale signs she’s been dropping – always around you, talking to you on a personal level, talks about relationships, or the jealousy glances when you’re talking about other women. There you are being your too cool for school attitude, impressing the woman without taking time to notice if it’s working or not. Sooner or later, you will go overboard with the impressing and the woman gets tired waiting for you to pick up the signals.

Exhibits the axe effect. When a woman can’t resist being around you that she just had to be constantly around you and often strikes conversations with you – she obviously likes you. Why else would she buzz around you if she doesn’t? Besides, women are prone to the hard-to-get act and make men go after them. In this case, she’s taking on the role of the conversation starter and obviously running after you – what the fuck are you waiting for?

It’s a rare opportunity, and you’re a lucky bastard for having a woman hanging around you most of the night when she could be somewhere else, fooling around with someone else. Not convinced? Try dropping another woman’s name or mention another from the room and watch if she doesn’t give you jealous glances.

Creates a conscious connection with you. Rejoice. She obviously doesn’t cluster you as any other bloke around the corner. These are not just ordinary conversations; she is actually trying to build a deeper connection with you. It’s an effort that she’s not bestowing to any other guys – and an obvious telling that she likes you. A more subtle sign to look out for when you’re not in this level of connection with her is basically her trying to continue the conversation with you. Too subtle yes, but still a sign nonetheless.

She gets jealous. Pretty much the oldest trick in the book to check whether she likes your or not is to do the jealous test. It’s so easy and so predictable I find it unnecessary to do a step by step course of action for you. The gist basically is for you to mention or point to another woman and compliment her. See if you don’t get something out of that if the woman in question is interested or not. Common signs include rolling of the eyes, disagreeing with your comment, she gives a few quick glances to the other woman. The most obvious reaction would be is she starts stuttering or talking too fast, or maybe even change the subject. A mention of another woman can make a woman lose her composure.

The relationship question. If she asks you about your relationship status – she might as well be saying “I like you.” Asking personal stuff is more times out of less a sign that the woman likes you. Why else would she be interested to find out if you have a girlfriend – because she’s thinking of becoming it. Women don’t want to waste time talking to men who are either engaged or currently in a relationship.

It makes women vulnerable if she does it obviously. Learn to look for the signs and if you have a feeling that she does like you – gut instinct says you’re right.

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