How To Kiss

how to kiss

Whatever type of kiss it is, platonic, romantic or passionate; let’s make sure it’s a great experience for the both of you, shall we?

How to kiss is something everyone needs to learn. Not really hard, since it’s something almost instinctive or already ingrained in us. Now, how to kiss greatly and make your partner’s knees shake – that is probably what you had in mind when you searched how to kiss.

I’m right, aren’t I? But before that, keep in mind that there’s really no universal, by the book kind of kissing. All you’ll find here are ground rules and tips on how to go about doing it. Why? Because kissing is a product of the moment. I can’t really map out every single move you make or give you a blow by blow on tongue strokes. But I can give you tips on the right way to do it. The do’s and don’t on how to kiss you could say.

A kiss is beautiful. Or it can be carnal. Or just plain disgusting. Let’s try to avoid the last shall we?

The term kissing is not something new. Remember childhood days of the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song? Yeah, I just bet you do. It’s amazing how young children are desensitized to this topic. But dissecting that issue is not the purpose of this article.

Knowing how to kiss with passion is a great technique for you to be able to deepen the emotional link in a relationship. Actually, a kiss need not be passionate or carnal for it to create a connection. A lot say that for new couples, their first kiss speaks a lot about their chemistry. I really can’t say whether this is fact or not as I can’t answer for others. Kissing is a personal experience. No two kisses are the same, and there are more than one way to kiss. Techniques are employed to put variance in kissing.

Couples or not, it is essential that you learn the right way to kiss. Whether it’s to spice things up in the bedroom, rekindle the fires of your marriage or impress a girl on your first date, I actually don’t see any downside to it.

Creative Types of Kisses

The Nip Kiss. This can be a nice surprise for your partner but it is advisable only for couples who’ve kissed several times before. You can do this by gently biting your partner’s lips. Careful on doing this type of kiss as you don’t want to inflict pain on your partner.

The Sucking Kiss. Gently suck on your partner’s top or bottom lip. This one’s a fave as this can imply a playful relationship. You can do this alternately with other kisses.

Moving Kiss. Can be done in a playful way. Kiss the corner of your partner’s mouth then moving on to the edges of their lips in a circular fashion. Switch things up and just do what’s fun for both of you.

Slow Mo. Want to get all Hollywood? Yep, here’s your chance. Slow things up as this can add excitement.

Tips on how to kiss passionately

  • When a guy kisses you, you need to focus on the kiss especially if you are so attracted to the guy. Never let your mind and eyes wander around. Instead, make it a point to concentrate your whole mind and let all your sense into it.
  • Do not ever try pursing your lips. It’s cute – when your seven years old. Only kids purse their lips when kissing. If you want you and your partner to enjoy kissing with passion, you need to make sure that your partner will gain the best pleasure from the whole area of your lips.
  • You are a lady, so refrain from sticking your tongue down his throat immediately. But it would be better to keep your lips open just a bit to add fun and excitement.
  • To add passion, make use of your hands. Hold your guy either around the back or behind his head. Hold him closely while kissing. This would make both of you burn with deep passion and as you focus on the kiss, the passion would be much more passionate for the fulfillment of you both.
  • Don’t be still. Keep moving gently. It will fire up your man’s sensation and gently squeezing your lips will boost up the sensation that is truly magical.
  • To make it more passionate, don’t stop with the lips. You can kiss other parts of the face and neck; you can even add small bites and licks to fuel the fire. Just make sure that you are composed and completely relaxed with what you are doing. Also, you have to make sure that you are not forcing the kiss. Every movement should happen naturally.
  • While kissing, keep your eyes closed and get lost in that magical moment. Enjoy and savor the experience and let the sensation creep into you deeper. Don’t kiss with your eyes open, you are sure to lose the magic with it! It’s not comfortable seeing a person too close to you, anyway.

Kissing is an art. The more emotion you invest in it the more passionate it becomes. Lose yourself in the feeling, revel in the pleasure and feel all the sensation coursing through your body. Learning how to kiss passionately helps fan the fire of your relationship. How you kiss your partner speaks of how much emotion you feel for them. This is why it is important that both you and your partner know how to kiss as this can be another way of expressing your emotions to each other.

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