How To Increase Sperm Count

how to increase sperm count

To go through any pregnancy plans, make sure you have healthy sperms. Learn about the various factors affecting sperm count and how to improve fertility.

How to increase sperm count naturally? Since low sperm count, low sperm motility and a prominent number of abnormal sperms are the common causes of male infertility, how to counteract this? In order to learn how to increase sperm count, you need to find out what are the various factors that caused it – and start avoiding them.

Based on many research, around 40% of fertility problems are attributed to men. Most male fertility concerns are related with sperm count, which is why a lot of men are focusing on how to increase sperm count especially when they are at the situation when starting a family and conceiving a baby is their first priority.

Conception is hampered when you have low sperm count since the male fertility depends on the quantity and quality of sperms in seminal fluid. According to studies, a normal man should have a sperm concentration of 20 million a milliliter of semen, 40 million sperm per ejaculate, and motility of above 50 percent. To some that may come off as jargon, but that’s your statistics. Just as women have theirs and know it; make sure you’re familiar with yours as well. It always pays to know ahead.

There are a number of factors which can affect the sperm, good news though because there exist also a number of ways to increase sperm count and quality. Among these include adapting a healthy diet, certain vitamins and nutritional supplements, regular exercise or popping herbal semen enhancement.

But before tinkering around the possible solutions and treatments, it’s best to find out what causes sperm deterioration. You see, there are factors linked with decreased semen production and learning to identify them helps in increasing your sperm count by avoiding these factors. And since production of seminal fluid is largely influenced by diet and lifestyle that you lead, it certainly works true that making some healthy changes can greatly improve semen output.

What Can Cause Low Sperm Count

A number of medical-related explanations like hormonal imbalances, sperm duct defects, presence of antibodies that damages sperm, absence of ejaculation, and a number of infections may cause low sperm count. In some cases, conditions like varicocele wherein the veins that drain the testicles are inflamed and swollen as well as failure of the testicles to descend into the scrotum are also considered factors that may hinder sufficient sperm production.

Environmental factors related with low semen output include exposure to pesticide and radiation while lifestyle causes include alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, diet deficient of essential nutrients and obesity. There are also studies that link wearing tight-fitting underwear and frequent sauna sessions will reduce sperm production.

Once you have figured out the real cause of the reduced semen output, it would be easier to treat the condition through effective tips on how to increase sperm count.

How to Increase Sperm Count

Without a doubt, healthy sperm count is an integral part of every man’s health. If you are suspicious that your failure to father a child is caused by low sperm count, you should not immediately panic. Initially, you may feel embarrassed and anxious but you must not be hopeless. Schedule an appointment with a qualified doctor because this would pave the way for you to discover the best low sperm count treatment that applies to your situation.

Zinc and Sperm Count

Medical studies have revealed that the zinc nutrient has the ability to enhance sperm count as it stimulates the overall health of sperms. Consumption of at least 65mg of zinc supplements daily would be helpful in sperm count treatment. It’s always recommended to visit your doctor to get the appropriate dosage.

Natural zinc sources include bananas, oysters, red meat and poultry products. When combined with Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and B12 and L-Arginine, zinc can boost up your body’s ability to enhance sperm count.

Lifestyle changes to increase sperm count:

Aside from following your doctor’s recommendation, you can help further by making some changes in your lifestyle – getting rid of those which has negative effects and adopting healthier ones.

  • Healthy diet for one can help boost sperm count in combination with medical treatment for this condition. Eating foods loaded with the essential nutrients zinc, folic acid and vitamin B12 should be included in your daily meal plans.
  • If you are a chain smoker, now is the time to quit smoking if you are really determined to increase sperm count and motility.
  • Stay away from frequent use of sauna baths because too much steam baths can lead to raised temperature of the testicles, which hinders proper sperm production.
  • Instead of wearing tight underwear, it would be preferable to wear boxers when you are at home.

Don’t let pride and shame prevent you from seeking medical help. If you seriously want to start a family, you can start by admitting the fault and then adopt necessary changes and treatments.

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