How to impress a guy

how to impress a guy

If you want to impress him, don’t read Cosmopolitan to avoid doing things that will surely make him unimpressed. I had to take a stab at that magazine after reading their ridiculous nth post on this topic.

How to impress a guy when you’re fed with lies by worthless female-centered magazines whose main aim is to mold you into becoming this blithering, self-centered imbecile who thinks nothing but on how to get a guy by brainfucking him with crazy nonsense, can be easily remedied by forgetting all trash you’ve read before and start over. Starting right now.

Now that we’ve paved that out of the way, let’s see if we can work on how to impress a guy without actually trying to impress him. Because let’s face it, once you try to impress a guy, the whole process becomes stiff and effortful. Women are born soft and sensual creatures. When we do things naturally and effortlessly, that’s when it’s most effective.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate what you have at your disposal. I’m thinking looks, attitude and brain. If you have three, rejoice, life’s easier for you if you just play your cards well. And for those a little less on the three elements, I’m not saying it’s game over for you. You actually have just as much chance as the goddess sitting next to you at the bar if you just know how to impress a guy.

Another scenario possible is the “ladies man” case wherein everyone just happens to be his hunny, baby, darling, sweetcake … yeah you get the drift. How to make him treat you differently from the rest of the lot?

Wear confidence.

Whatever you do, wear, speak, it should be with confidence. How can he like you, if you don’t even like yourself? Men like it when he doesn’t feel the need to constantly drop you compliments every now and then – or you pulling them out of him.

Practice being independent.

It sounds sweet in books and movies when a guy tells you that he’ll always take care of you, and vice versa. But in reality, it’s much more of a turn on when you know how to handle yourself. It takes the pressure off of men when they know they don’t have to constantly worry about you.

Don’t play dumb.

Seriously. If what it needs to impress him is for you to do that, do you really want that kind of guy?

Dress well.

Have your own style. Don’t compete with those anorexic, Barbie dolls you see on TV and magazines. You can get inspiration from them, but always have your own personal style, and carry it well. Flashy high heels and black seamed stockings are major turn-on for men, but you’ll be more fun when comfortable. Just as you don’t demand for the guy in your life to look like a movie star, don’t worry if you don’t look like a supermodel.

Be engaging.

Don’t be a bore and a loner. It’s intriguing to see a woman sitting with a bunch of men. Those men are there for a reason and other men will want to know what it is.

Compliment him.

Just as it makes you feel good when a man compliments you on how you look; men also craves this same attention. They went to a lot of trouble to look good yet rarely get complimented for it.

Observe your manners.

Say thanks when it’s appropriate and always do it with a smile. That’ll mean a lot to him since he knows you’re thanking him genuinely. Speak softly and not rowdily. Avoid drinking too much as this can lower your inhibitions and might cause for you to say or do things inappropriate.

Show him your interest.

Ask him question without being too invasive. Safe topics include hobbies, interest and work. Listen carefully and ask questions every now and then. If you can hold a discussion on a certain interest he has, say football, fishing, or stocks, you’re in.

Bottom line is to be relaxed and easy to get along with. Women are already stereotyped as complex being, avoid playing right into that by complicating things with mind games, drama and histrionics.

Also, while you’re busy doing all those tips on how to impress a guy; take the time to evaluate as well if the guy is indeed worth impressing – it’s a two-way street.

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