How to give great head

how to give great head

Most women, and by that I mean 80%, give rubbish blowjobs to their men – which makes it likely that you could be one of them. Just like any skill, all it needs is a little harnessing – and some major practice.

How to give great head is an art all women must learn if they want to make their man happy and keep the relationship constantly at boiling point. Blowjob is not just all about holding the penis in your hand and sucking on it like a kid sucks on her lollipop – hard, hasty and sometimes with teeth-work involved. Uh, the last part is definitely something you should be careful with. Just enough suction to induce pleasure not inflict pain. Just enough teeth-grazing to excite not scathe. The penis is an organ, it’s actually attached to something living and breathing, and not just some plastic you can have a go at any way you want.

Main thing to keep in mind on how to give a great head, is to always keep your mouth and lips wet – lubricated you could say. Giving head isn’t always about the sucking, you can also blow on it, caress it softly to your body specifically the breast – trust me, this one’s a real turn on for men. Also, mind the technique and timing – when to gradually increase the suction and the body rubbing thing. Guys wouldn’t want it that just when they’re about to pop their cock, you just had to pull it and rub on your tits.

Any normal, hot-blooded guy who says he doesn’t like getting head, needs to be shot and then shot again for uttering the biggest lie. It’s probably one of any man’s favorite ways to get sexually pleasured. If you think you’re already capable of giving great head, there’s always room for improvement. Techniques vary, love. You can always pick-up something new to spice things up.

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Find a Comfortable Position

How can you give great head when you’re doing it at an awkward position? Some women fault the lack of comfort for a crappy blowjob. When in fact, learning how to find the perfect position is part of the art of giving head. By getting into a good position, you will avoid getting tired quickly and getting a neck cramp. The best position to be in while giving your guy oral pleasure is on your knees with him either lying down or sitting.

Tongue, Mouth and Hands

It’s not all about the mouth and sucking. Indulge in some licking and stroking as well. Also, many women’s mouths aren’t wide or long enough to take their partner’s entire penis, especially if he’s well endowed. So, in addition to your tongue and mouth, you can use your hands in giving him a mind-blowing head. If you’re be unable to get him all into your mouth when he’s erect, you can instead keep your mouth on the head which is the most sensitive part of the penis, while you use your hands to stroke his shaft and caress his testicles. Incorporating the three different ministrations will make it really amazing for him.

Show Him You Love Doing It

Giving him head and making it look like it’s a chore is not something your guy would like to see. Aside from showing him that you’re really into it, make him see that you’re also getting something out of it too. Don’t forget to make eye contact – nothing is sexier than that. Also don’t forget to make some noise. And no, I don’t mean fake it or sound as if an animal is being skewered in the room. Utter sexy whimpers and moans – guys find that really hot. You can touch yourself as well while giving him head. But all your focus needs to be on him when he gets close. Also, guys like to hold on to something during the height of it all. You can either let him place his hands on your head which can in a way give him control, or you can let him fondle your breasts during the blowjob.

Communicate With Him

Ask him what he wants. What heightens his pleasure more? Don’t go over the whole thing as if you’re taking an exam – all the focus minus the talking. Men tend to enjoy a lot of things when getting head, just as there are some which makes him cringe – the using of teeth, perchance? Different strokes for different folks – and I do mean that literally. Not all guys like the same thing when it comes to receiving oral sex. So don’t hesitate to talk to your partner. Or you can choose to pay attention to his non-verbal cues – eyes rolling back in his head, starts breathing or moaning loader, he suddenly grasps the nearest thing, or maybe jerk his hips towards you. Sure telling that whatever you’re doing, do go on with it.

Don’t stop when he starts to ejaculate, although most women tend to have that reaction. Slow down and soften a bit, but just make sure to keep at it even when he starts cumming – makes his orgasm more intense. If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, then ask him to tell you when he’s about to ejaculate. You can instead give him a hand job while avoiding getting any semen in your mouth. Just keep in mind this is the worst thing you can do to a man – it’s similar to hitting him over the head with a bat just before he comes.

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