How To Give a Massage

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A massage is inherently sexual – whether you go with that or not, depends entirely up to you and the circumstances.

How to give a massage and ease the tension out of your partner’s body after a long day of work is something you need to learn. More than just keeping the body calm and relaxed, a massage can at the same time provide immeasurable health benefits. It aids better blood flow, glowing and young-looking skin and excretion of toxic waste from the body. Since massage has been known for its relaxing capabilities, much has been said about its ability to enhance immunity as well as tranquil feeling for a tensed individual. Among all the multitude of benefits that massage can bring, one of the top reasons why most wives want to learn how to give a massage is because it can greatly help perk up intimacy in a relationship.

A back massage is always a welcome treat after long hours of working and after completing an entire day of fulfilling house chores. It’s a very effective way of relieving stress and pain within the back portion of the body. It has been shared by many back pain sufferers, how massage can provide relief from lower back pain, pain within the shoulder area, and pain affecting the muscles at the back. This is most probably due to the fact that the soft tissues and muscles at the back are manipulated by using effective finger and hand movements resulting to relaxed muscles.

The aim of every massage session is to promote relaxation, right? And so it is a must that you create a quiet and relaxing ambience in the room where the massage session will be carried out. Add up the excitement and the calm atmosphere by lighting fragrant candles, putting on some relaxing music, and use scented aromatherapy oil.

  • To reduce back pain, the following are some of the most common techniques you can apply when you want to learn how to give a massage on the back:

First, let the person getting a massage to lie face down on the massage table or the bed if you are at home. Also, make sure that you keep a pillow under the shins to help release pressure on the lower back.

You can also ask the person if there are specific areas where he wants you to concentrate or particular areas where he wants to have a deeper or harder pressure. Make sure to do to do this before starting with your massage.

  • Using either a massage lotion or essential oil, pour a few drops of the oil on your palms and rub your hands together to make the oil warm.
  • Starting from the shoulders, gently initiate a circular rubbing motion using your two thumbs. Continue to do this until you feel that the earlier stiff muscles in that particular area have loosened up.
  • Every now and then ask the person if the pressure is right or he wants to have a harder massage or a gentler one, whichever the case may be.
  • From the shoulder, slowly go down the sides of the spine; this time your fingers should be moving in circular motion too. For areas that necessitate gentle pressure, you can use the tip of your fingers. The areas that need more pressure may get the relief from using the base of your palms. Spend adequate time on both sides of the spine for a more relaxed sensation.
  • Gently go down to the lower back area. In that area, use the thumbs to manipulate large circular motions applying good pressure. If he wants a harder pressure, do as he says without going overboard.
  • Make sure that you have massaged all the areas and focus more on the problematic areas.
  • As a final massage stroke, use the palms of your hands firmly as you stroke up and down the whole back area without putting any pressure on the spine. As you are doing all of these, do not forget to ask the person from time to time if he is okay or not.

Back massage therapy is a holistic technique that can effectively deal with problems brought about by tense muscles and anxiety or depression. The pressure that is being applied by the fingers and hands of the person carrying out the massage plays an important role in achieving pain relief and relaxation. By following the tips on how to give a massage, you can provide yourself and your family members an efficient natural stress busting technique, which can bring lots of health benefits as a whole.

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