How To Get Rid of a Hickey

how to get rid of a hickey

More than just a souvenir from last night, a hickey is a bruise – easily placed but slightly stubborn to remove.

How to get rid of hickey after a night of fooling around? For people who got work to do, for students with classes, for wandering partners who don’t want to get caught, yeah, this article will be your saving grace. If you are worried and in the situation where you are wondering how to get rid of a hickey, most probably you are now aware of the possible outcomes that fiery kissing can bring about. It is not a secret that there are instances when kissing goes farther that it should go and while love and passion are two wonderful feelings, it is also undeniable that it may lead to some embarrassing results too – hickey for one.

But what if you hear the most disappointing words from the person you are seeking solutions to help get rid of the hickey presenting itself prominently on your neck? What if he tells you that there is no quick remedies that can make the hickey vanish out of the blue?

What is a hickey anyway?

A hickey is merely a bruise. It is the end product of a set of lips that fiercely kissed, sucked and cupped an area of the skin incessantly to the point that superficial blood vessels smashed and break.

And since it is a bruise, there is no magic solution to get rid of it instantaneously. It will take some time to heal and no matter how you try, you can never find any answer that can clearly point out immediate vanishing of this embarrassing feature usually present on the neck area.

Another reason that makes hickeys hard to get rid of is the fact that it would be too late when you noticed that you have it. Unless of course your kissing partner told you that he put a hickey on your neck. Most of the time, the intense passion may also carried him away that he unconsciously adorned your neck with not only one but many hickeys. It may not be the ultimate answer on how to get rid of a hickey but it is the best way to avoid the humiliating look from other people.

Indeed, there is not a single quick way to make a bruise vanish like it never occurred at all. However, there are some things that you can consider to somehow diminish its prominence.

First idea is to cover up. You can wear turtle neck tops but it would be really awkward to choose this type of clothes if its summer and the sun’s shining hot. You would not want to be asked every now and then if you are sick because you seem to be bundled up, right? Well, you can make your fashion instinct play its role by wearing a scarf, bandana or even a necklace that can somehow conceal the hickey.

If you are a woman with hickey on your neck, you can always a concealer. When using a concealer, be sure to use one which is lighter than your skin tone. Choosing one that is darker than your skin tone would make the hickey more obvious instead of successfully covering it up.

Some people recommend cold compress for hickeys. The problem is that cold compress application will only work for new hickeys. As mentioned, hickeys are often noticed only when they become too prominent, which makes cold compress application a relatively delayed solution for getting rid of the hickey.

You may also consider massaging the area so as to disperse the blood that has set. It may not be a quick solution but in some ways it can help reduce its obviousness.

For hickeys that have been there for at least two days, you can use warm compress just like how you would in any type of bruise. All you need to do is apply a wet warm face towel or cloth to the hickey-affected area so as to diminish the swelling. You can do this every now and then until the hickey fades away and consequently disappear.

Another way is to make use of items like pen caps or lipstick caps or any tube-shaped object with a dome end. It may hurt but certainly it will help reduce the obviousness of the hickey. When choosing this option, all you have to do is to apply continuous and firm pressure, using the object over the hickey spot and then gently twist. You are doing this for the purpose of driving the blood away from the skin surface going to the deeper area of the skin.

To reiterate, there is nothing much that you can do to get rid of the hickey immediately. It will take time for it to slowly fade away until it disappears. However, even without the best way on how to get rid of a hickey at once, using these tips can help diminish its obviousness. For sure, you would appreciate doing any of these than merely face the public’s criticizing glances upon seeing that you have a hickey.

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