How to get pregnant

how to get pregnant

For some women, getting pregnant is as easy as tossing out the contraception, while others do need to spend more effort and time on it.

How To get pregnant is the usual question most couples ask when they’re ready for their relationship to grow. For some women, getting pregnant is as easy as getting a hair makeover – all it needs is a decision on when she wants to get it. Not everyone is as lucky as that. Worst case scenarios includes for it to take a decade, strain on the relationship because of the failure, or you employing the aid of the unconventional ways on how get pregnant. Today, women are afforded pregnancy options provided by modern ways. So if you’re aiming for a baby boy, science has given you that chance.

There are a lot of factors involve on why couples find it hard to conceive. It’s ironic that couples feel pressured and stressed about conceiving, when in fact, what they’re doing is reducing the chances of them ever getting pregnant. Always remember to relax and let nature take its course.

Although a lot of people would agree that sexual positions have nothing to do with getting pregnant, it still doesn’t hurt to know and assume the positions that can help the sperm and egg cell meet in the shortest possible time. Key rule then is to avoid sex positions that least exposes the cervix to the male sperm – having sex standing up, sitting down or woman on top.

  • Missionary position. Aside from allowing the deepest possible penetration, having the man on top ensures that the sperm released are kept inside long enough to swim up to the female cervix.
  • Raise the hips. By placing a pillow behind her, the female cervix is exposed to as much semen as the man can release.
  • Doggy-style. The sperm is deposited closest to the cervix when you do the rear-entry position.
  • Side-by-side. Also a good position when trying to conceive. Just like the rest, the cervix is exposed to the male sperm by lying side by side.
  • Orgasms. Not a position but studies show that female orgasm leads to contractions that help push sperms up into the cervix.

If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, below are a few advices not pulled from the Kama Sutra text, but rather based on science and guaranteed to help you on how to get pregnant.

Seek medical advice. Studies show that at least one in every five couples has difficulty conceiving. In some cases, reason for this is that one or both of the couple has some fertility problems. It is always advisable to seek medical advice firsthand once you have decided to get pregnant. The earlier fertility problems are discovered, the better chances you have of having a baby.

Keep track of your ovulation days. Make sure you note down your menstrual dates. When you are most fertile, you will have better chances for conception. The 12th to 16th days prior your period is your ovulation period. Have sex, lots of it. It is advisable that you and your partner step up the sex two or three days before your ovulation since the cervical mucus is at its best in helping sperm travel to the egg and break down its shell-like coating.

Take prenatal and folic acid supplements. It is greatly encouraged to get preconception consultation just to avoid any major fertility problems. Often, you will be prescribed to start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements. Folic Acid is a vitamin that can help minimize the risk of your baby having birth defects especially with the neural tube, brain and spinal cord aspects. This would ensure healthy pregnancy for you and the baby.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle pertains to your diet, daily activities, and your interests. If you’re an overweight, start losing those extra kilos because it causes imbalances in your hormonal level, menstrual cycle and ovulation. If you’re often seen sucking on cigarettes, alcohol and caffeinated beverages – well, stop. A healthy lifestyle not only ensures fast conception, but a healthy pregnancy for you as well.

Key still is that you and your partner relax in order to avoid any stress. If it didn’t work this month, you can always try again next month. Never forget to have fun with your partner and enjoy the sex instead of doing it as just another to-do list.

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