How to get him back

Before resorting to mind games, employ sensible and effective moves on how to get back with him.

How to get him back doesn’t involve any mind games. These are childish moves which do or don’t often work and can sometimes inflict unnecessary pain to either of you. There are myriad of reasons why a relationship turns sour, and too many lines used to call it off. For whatever line or reason used, if you still want to get him back, then stop with the games and make clear that you want to work things out with him.

In every relationship that ends, there’s always a series of questions that add pain to the separation. Especially for a relationship that ended without proper closure, one or both parties will be unable to move on lest they resolve these issues. If you feel that you can still make things work with him, then here you will find sensible and effective way on how to get him back, provided that there’s a huge chance of winning. After all, there are issues of whether the effort to rebuild the relationship is worth it, if the emotions are still there for both parties, or the cause of the breakup is something that will not affect any possible reconciliation in the future.

Admit your flaws and faults. It takes the two of you to make or break the relationship. Much as you want to push to his face his numerous wrongs, you must back down a little. Yes, it’s all about knowing your flaws as well. For example, ask yourself if you’ve been patiently trying to make him understand why you’re always late or have very little time for him. Whatever his mistake, there is a reaction that must straighten him out, not worsen the situation. Maybe instead of talking it out with him, you jumped your guns and attacked him verbally. Most likely, your words were too venomous or your actions too harsh. So try a little introspection here so you’d know your faults. After that, express apologies and do so with sincerity.

Ask for a dialogue. If your guy’s open to it, discuss the problem or issues that led to the breakup. Suggest a really quiet place or where you first met. That would already be a hint that you’re truly hoping to work things out with him. During the talk, listen more closely and hear out his side of the story. Listening is probably one thing you hardly gave him so display this keen interest to change. Then take note of the things he sees should have been differently. Along the way, you’d have hints of how to make things better once you get back with your guy.

Assess the situation with him. Once all is out, you can weigh in on the possibility – or lack of it – that you’d get back together. At this point, you could suggest that you both hang on to work it out. What’s important is both of you agree to the idea of trying to get that chance of patching up. If there is, then talk to your guy about what you have learned about him and about yourself after the breakup. Acknowledge his role in your life and the void left when you parted ways. At the same time, honestly express your intentions of trying to work it out. Most likely, the guy would want space to think things over. Surprised? Don’t be. Like us women, guys have that ‘drama’ side that tends to heighten after breakups. So just give them that space.

Another date. After some time, say a couple of weeks, you could ask your ex-partner for another meet-up. This time, be prepared. Look really good or surprising, like have a new hairdo or dress up in something sexy and confident. After pleasantries are exchanged, ask how he’s been. Then honestly go on to say that you’ve had a really serious thinking-over and came to a decision. Then right away ask the guy if there’s a chance you’d get back together. Or you could blurt out the classic, ‘So, where do we go from here?’

A time to decide. It would be truly good if he says right away that he wants you back. It only means something really sweeter is coming your way. There have been lessons learned, and lots of love to share for the second – or third, or fourth time around. But also be prepared to hear him say it’s really, really over. Hold your breath and hold eye contact after he says so. Listen to him if ever he explains some more. Don’t cut him short or leave. Just listen to him. After that, you can stand up, give him a peck or a hug and assure him you’ll be a friend.

Mean it when you say so, though don’t do it just yet. This is where you can employ all those feminine wiles and trick and mind games other female-centered magazines play out. Keep in mind that, in your pursuit of the guy with mind games, you’re not only worsening the situation, you might lose yourself in the process.

If things still don’t work, then it’s time to give up. You may not have him back, but you still get to keep yourself intact.

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