How To Get a Six Pack

Getting a six pack is all about losing your body fat and strengthening your abdominal core muscle.

How to get a six pack is hard, yes, but not impossible. It’ll take a lot of hard work from you and a few sacrifices, but you’ll be getting more in the end – health and looks and everything else attached to it. Society sets the standard and norm, and it says that a flat tummy will just not do anymore. This is the reason why men, even women, are on a quest to learn how to get a six pack the fast and most effective way.

The market offers you hundreds of ways on how to get a six pack, as well as a bazillion of products. Usual scene of the market includes various methods marketed with promises of quick results; and marketing tactics employed by advertisers that use psychological triggers. Getting a six pack will need two things from you – lose fat and build muscle.

The concept on how to get a six pack sounds easy enough but in actuality, it can be quite challenging. It involves a total overhaul – lifestyle change, dedication and the right mindset. The mind is powerful – it can make or break a person, and at the end of the day, your biggest adversary will always be yourself. Hence, in order to avoid failing in this endeavor, know what you want and stay with it.

Why is it important to get rid of fat through diet and exercise? Because you can’t have a toned and muscular abs if there’s a layer of fat covering them.

The human body is a machine and just like all machines, every single part needs to be taken care of in order for the whole to work. The same thing goes in getting a six pack. In every weight loss article you get this same advice – have a healthy balanced diet and exercise daily. It gets redundant but humans are such creatures that if not repeated more than ten times, it won’t get through to them. So this article being the nth to mention that, you should get it by now.

Exercise Routine

Important ingredient in any weight loss journey you’re on. For losing fat, you need to indulge in cardio workouts. There’s no such thing as target exercise – you know, doing specific routine for a specific area of the body. You can have humungous abs by doing crunches and all other exercises that targets the abs, but nobody will see them because they’re covered by layers of fat. Peel away the fat first by doing cardio workouts like running, bike riding, dancing or swimming. Even sex is a cardio workout. Still not inspired to do more cardio yet?

Strength training is the foundation of any muscle building initiative. Weight lifting is one of the core elements of a good plan on getting a six pack. You may begin with an empty barbell until you are comfortable with it. As you progress, you can then add weights gradually for you to increase the effectiveness of your strength training exercises.

Now, there are a bazillion more detailed articles and websites and videos that’ll teach you how to do these exercises on getting a six pack. I do have a recommended visit which you can visit as it offers a comprehensive and realistic approach on how to get washboard abs. Just remember that if you’re too lazy to drop a few sweat, then the six pack is too precious for a slob like you. You can’t expect to have rice on your table, when you didn’t even plant in the first place, as what the Asians would say.

Healthy Lifestyle

However, you should also keep in mind that a properly designed workout program is not enough to get six packs you are dreaming to have. Lean muscle mass building also necessitates the other essential factors in muscle building. So before you indulge in any muscle building exercise, you should also focus on creating a good abs diet and get enough rest because these are all relevant to successful muscle growth.

If you’re the kind who adores his fastfood and junk so much – then you’re in for a heartbreak. Low fat yoghurt, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are valuable inclusions in your diet to get a six pack. All kinds of meat are good for you – just mind the portions. Actually, mind the portioning so much. Instead of eating three large meals a day, opt for six small meals. Make sure to eat breakfast, or you can drink a protein shake, and keep your dinners light.

Don’t forget the benefits of drinking plenty of water. To gauge how much water you need to drink daily, halve your weight in pounds – that’s the number of ounces you need.

There’s no magic pill for weight loss but there are pills that do aid you in losing weight. These weight loss pills come in four types – supplements, appetite suppressants, fat binders and fat burners, and can be effective helpers in getting your goal.

In your quest to live up to what sells today and what the society considers as “hot,” never compromise your overall health. Don’t do rapid and drastic changes in getting a six pack; rather ease into the lifestyle change gradually.

More on getting abs

To get well-defined abs, you need to have a good workout routine and a healthy lifestyle.

How to get abs the right way needs for you to stop looking for miracle pills, overnight results and rip off ab machines endorsed by buff men in hot pink gym suits. Rather to get abs, you need to watch your diet coupled with a rigid exercise routine and the right mindset. Instead of using abs machine at home, incorporate an ab workout into a regular gym which can likely help you stay motivated.

It is said that men who frequent the gym are there more than just health reasons. The most common goal stated by gym junkies is to get well-defined abs. If you’re someone sporting one, you’re likely to be labeled as someone who takes fitness and diet seriously. If you want to get abs with only a mediocre level of determination, then you’ll most likely fail in that endeavor. It takes a good amount of effort and truckloads of determination in order to get abs.

Although you can’t shop for abs anywhere, you can still get one. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible as well. So long as you have the above characteristics I mentioned, plus this awesome article that’ll teach you the best way on how to get abs, ah you’ll be sporting one soon enough.

Just remember that there’s no shortcut into getting it, nor is there such thing as targeted exercises. Everyone has abs and it’s imperative that everyone becomes aware of this fact. The only problem is, your abs is concealed under layers of fat, hence you need to remove the fat first by losing weight. This can be done by doing regular high intensity cardiovascular training. Sweat all the fat out. Other cardiovascular activities recommended are swimming, running, biking or playing any sports.

Best Abs Workout Routine

Ab Wheel Roll Out

You need to have an ab wheel in order to perform this certain routine. To do this, kneel down while holding the ab wheel in both hands, placed on the floor in front of you. Extend your whole body by pushing the ab wheel as far away from you while simultaneously extending your hips. Pull yourself back into the starting position using your ab muscles. Repeat whole process. You can also do the routine while standing and you’ll find it to be harder and challenging.

Hanging Leg Raises

For this ab exercise, use an overhead bar to hold onto while letting your legs hang straight down. Use your abs to pull your knees to your chest, performing a reverse crunch-type move. Slowly lower leg, and repeat process. To up the notch a bit, try raising your knees aiming for your elbows.

Inverted Sit-ups

Use an inversion boots and suspend yourself upside down either at a sturdy overhead at home or monkey bars at a playground. Since you’ll be doing inverted sit-ups, this is not advisable for those with back problems and high blood pressure. Be sure that you’re strong enough to safely support yourself before going through this ab exercise. To make it a bit more challenging for you, you can hold weights or a medicine ball while doing inverted sit-ups.


A popular exercise, plank can be considered an easy one if you already have a level of ab strength. To make it a bit harder and can further define your abs, try doing the exercise with only one hand and one leg supporting your weight. Get into a push-up position with your legs straight and your hand beneath your shoulders. With your spine rigid and your abs tight, lift your left and right leg off the floor and hold this position for as long as you can. Rest for a while and repeat same process but this time using the opposite arm and leg.

Don’t get too excited and push yourself to the extreme. Pace it. Like I said, there are no overnight results. You should start with the cardio exercises and gradually include some weight lifting and strength building exercises. These are the right exercises that can stimulate muscle mass and promote faster metabolism. When engaging in abs workout, you should also make sure that you do it without flaw and lapse. Working out at least three to four times each week with two sessions a day is a good choice to begin with.

As always in any health or weight loss article, incorporate a healthy diet. As you start with working out through high intensity cardio exercises, you should also pay attention to what you eat. You need to have a good and properly designed abs diet plan primarily consisting of fat burning foods. You should always incorporated vegetable like cabbage, spinach and celery.

Nothing’s impossible with hard work. For every sacrifice, there’s always an equal sweet prize.

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