How to get a guy to like you

Just as the next drop-dead-gorgeous woman, you can easily get a guy into you if you just know how to play your cards well. Find out how to get him hooked into an addiction he just can’t resist.

How to get a guy to like you is probably the million dollar question every Jane Smith in all corners of the world wants answered. Just as guys are eager to know how to land the girl, getting the guy is probably the next abused topic for women – next to clothes and shoes. Now, you can Google all you want, compare notes with all your girlfriends, you will still end up with the same thing – be appealing to him in all areas. How to get a guy to like you is not only about being attractive to him physically; it’s all about the whole package – looks, brain, attitude.

If you want to get a guy to like you be prepared to open yourself a little. You can’t expect to get a guy hooked into you when you’re not sharing something of yourself. And no, I’m not talking about all your dirt and baggage. How you act when you’re with him, speaking your mind, little actions you bestow to him – these are just some of the things that can truly make a guy a total sucker for you. If you just know how to go about doing it all.

It’s a female thing, they say – to be desired, wanted and loved. Simply put, every woman wants guys to like them – notice them at the least, love them forever at the most. If you’re hoping to fall somewhere in between these spectrum, here are some tips on how to get a guy to like you.

Be Confident. Confidence is the best and sexiest accessory a woman can wear. The damsel-in-distress, the sympathy-jerker or compliment-digger routines are overrated. Women who are secured in their sexuality, steadfast in their principles and goals, and eats independence for breakfast, are the sexiest creatures to ever walk this planet. If you want a guy to comment about how good you look, don’t go doing it by putting yourself down. That’s just lame. You can say something positive about yourself, to which he will no doubt concur. Better, why not yank the compliment out of him by knocking his tonsils back into his throat by actually looking good – and knowing it. Act and speak with confidence. Trust me, you’d have him eating at your palms soon enough.

Be Single. Seriously, why go after a guy when you’re committed with someone? If you are thinking about getting a guy to like you, get out of the relationship you are in at the moment. It’s a sad fact but there are a lot of women who do stay in a relationship no matter how sucky it is lest they already have someone else to go. Which is just plain stupid. Why waste time with someone you don’t like when you could already be with the guy that you do like. Man or woman, you’re more likely to fall for someone who is single and not to someone who’s in a long-term relationship. Unless of course it’s just a quick fuck or lust ruling you both. Dump the loser you’re with and let the guy you’re into know it.

Be Interesting. Who wants to be with Miss Boring? Who notices the common? It’s always the thing that stands out which gets noticed, appreciated and admired. Guys want something that spells F-U-N. Not boring – he already has that every day; so why not be the something new, something odd, something strange that teases his mind and brainfucks his sanity. Be the puzzle that he wants to solve so bad, the drink he wants to get intoxicated with, the prize he wants to conquer. And oh, don’t be creepy or a weirdo – that’s just not what we are aiming here. Be the kind of woman who enjoys doing the same kind of things he does – that will be a major turn on for him. He has to enjoy being around you. Be fun and spontaneous, meaning, leave the dramas and issues at home – they’re a total attraction killer. Be the bendable light that brightens him. In keeping him interested, you must not compromise who you are. Stay secured with yourself – it’s bad if you let a person or a relationship define you.

Support Him. To get the guy to like you, he must know that he can always count on you. There are many ways to go about this. It could be in the form of loyalty, friendship or his confidante. Just get the message across that when he needs a crutch, either you can be it or help look for it, whatever the case may be. It will make him feel good to know that he has you in his side. I’m not saying be docile, meek and completely brainless just to prove your loyalty; you can disagree with him yet still support him. Be willing to get rough and dirty sometimes, you know, do outdoor or any other guy stuffs with him. This can be a supplement to the “be interesting” tip. Get into what he’s into. Just enjoy his company and his friends.

These are solid tips but the ground rule is to avoid the mind games. You can tease him mercilessly, just don’t play with him – he’ll get over you and move on. Why? Because men get impatient with trying to decipher your thoughts. Get the message across that you’re interested – not necessarily in love with him. That’ll scare him away. Chillax and follow these four simple tips to the dot and you’re guaranteed to get the guy in no time.

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