How To Gain Muscle

Just as some people work hard to lose something, there are those that’ll do anything to gain something.

How to gain muscle is exactly how it is built. In order to gain muscle fast and in a healthy way needs for you to get a good grasp on how muscles work within the body. Before I get ahead into teaching you how to gain muscle, let me give you a brief walkthrough on how muscles are built.

Notice how your body feels battered sore for a few days after working out? Muscles are built only after they are damaged or torn which is often the case when you do heavy cardio or weightlifting. But as soon as this occurs, cells try to repair the damage by fusing torn muscles, thereby increasing mass. How to gain muscle varies depending on your current size and muscle mass. For the skinny, you have to start from scratch – gain muscle weight. And for those with some amount of fat on them, can convert the fat to muscles. And no, I don’t mean the fat will instantly transform into muscle, but that you will have to work on burning off the fat which will simultaneously develop your muscles.

If you keep in mind the advices below as well as follow good strength training, you can gain muscle. Never resort to overdoing everything like your cardio or weights because it is never the right way. The safe and effective way to gain muscle is by incorporating a good diet, right exercise and downtime.

Muscle Building Foods

You need to be aware that your primary goal is to gain lean muscle minus the fat. This is why choosing the right food becomes highly imperative. No matter how determined you are to bulk up, it does not give you the passport to indulge in everything that you want to eat even if you are thin.

Complex carbohydrates and proteins are real-time staples for your intention. This means you have to focus on creating a meal plan consisting of foods like cereals, whole grains and other high-fiber foods. Fruits and veggies loaded with fiber nutrient is elemental because it will help rip off that superfluous fat that has been obtained through the carbohydrates that you consumed. You just have to reduce carbohydrates but not totally get rid of it in your meals.

In line with this, you also need to change your eating habits. Crash dieting is not ideal. The good tip is to divide your usual three big meals into six small equally spaced meal servings in a day. This would reduce hunger pangs and so, you will never have the urge to eat a lot during meals.

Hydrate Your Body

In combination with eating food at regular intervals, you also need to focus on the amount of water that your body is consuming every day. You should drink at least eight glasses of water to keep your muscles properly hydrated. This is important for the effective transportation of nutrients in the body; in addition to the fact that it can also promote better digestion.

Exercises That Work

Cardiovascular and strength training exercises helps in shedding off excess fat and building muscles. A good fitness trainer would be of great help if you want to start with an effective muscle gaining routine. Increasing muscle mass is not all about repetitions, rather it focuses on the technique you use and the quality in going about it. Make sure you’re aware what certain moves work best for specific muscle in the body.


You can look for protein shake recipes online or you can come up with your own recipe at home, provided you know the right substances to include in your protein-rich beverage. Consuming this after working out can help ensure that your muscles are provided its necessary fuel to promote faster healing.

Rest your body

It would help the muscle to recuperate from the fatigue in working out and help stimulate the muscle to grow faster.

You see, even if you consistently and religiously follow the essentials of muscle gaining plan, you cannot achieve the result you want easily if you lack sleep. It is vital to have at least 7 hours of sleep every day to help the muscle recover from strenuous.

You need not resort to popping supplements or steroids. Though some do employ the aid of them, but my point is, there’s always a healthy and natural way to go about things without putting yourself to any risk. It may take time but what doesn’t take time when it comes to safe and effective?

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