How To French Kiss

how to french kiss

There’s no downside when it comes to mastering the art of French kissing either for you or your partner – so fire away.

How to French kiss is probably the most searched topic when it comes to kissing. The chaste kiss gets old, the Eskimo kiss is sweet but when we’re talking passion and carnal, it’s the french I tell ya. Let the tongues do the talking, as what others would call it.

You may laugh when someone asks you to teach them how to french kiss. You may smile or even ridicule them for asking such question. Sorry, love, but not everyone’s into what you’re into. You being an expert when it comes to kissing don’t go concluding that everyone else is as well. If that were the case, then the Internet wouldn’t be saturated with too much articles on how to french kiss.

Learning how to french kiss is essential in order to keep the spice and fire in the relationship. Or to enjoy the new found intimacy with someone, say your new date. A kiss is not just a kiss where you go lip locking with someone. And there’s no universal way to go about the whole process. I can’t give you a blow by blow on how to French kiss but rather, a guideline on how to go about doing it.

But wait, what is a French kiss anyway? How is it different from the basic kissing style?

Tongue play. Yep, that’s the gist right there. Quite the opposite of a smack, French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss wherein the tongue is used at the same time. For many romantic people, they consider French kisses as an indication that the simple kissing is leading them to something more intimate. It’s like a warm up exercise before proceeding to an act of intense and deep love. For the romantics, it brings two people closer together, which makes them enjoy the magical moment as if they are the only people in the world at the moment. For the crude aspect of it, it’s like saying, “let’s get it on.”

Getting the fire started? Read on to learn how to french kiss through the following tips:

First and the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that you have brushed your teeth and rubbed your tongue because bad breath is just not cool. A fresh breath, on the other hand, will make the experience really passionate, fiery and purely magical. Besides, mind the hygiene, love. You’re not a kid anymore. You’re old enough to go slurping with someone, so you need not be reminded to regularly brush your teeth.

I can’t say whether to close your eyes or not as some people actually find it a turn on to watch the many emotions crisscrossing their partner’s face while french kissing. On the other hand, closing your eyes can get you lost in the moment and can take the experience to a higher level. Or that’s just the romantic in me speaking. You can experiment and try doing both.

How To French Kiss

It begins with a normal kiss. So you have to learn the right way of starting a kiss. Considering that you are a guy, you first need to make sure that the girl is very comfortable with your French kissing. To be sure of this, you need to find a clue. How? Gently slide your tongue on her lower lip. If she opens her mouth, it means she is ready. So, carry on.

Caressingly pull her slowly towards your body as you touch her tongue gently with your tongue. Stroke her tongue lightly and slowly with your tongue. While doing this, you need to use your hands to caress her body making sure that there is no big gap between your bodies. Use your hands to make her feel your passion by running your hands over her. Run your hands through her hair gently.

Take a breath while kissing; it can even make your partner more aroused. Sharing breath is a sexy idea. It can even fire up the passion that is now ruling over both of you. You should know by now that taking deep breaths while you are French kissing can be ultimately affecting and electrifying to her senses. It’s letting her know that you enjoy kissing her and you do not want to let go of her even just a bit.

Mix French kissing with small lip butterfly kisses. You can combine it with laying kisses on her neck and collar bones. That would really make the girl excited and thrilled. It can ultimately arouse her senses and of course, yours too! Make your hands work all the time. Touch her cheeks to express how much you care for her. Run your hands through her hair over and over again. It will fire up the kissing moment even more.

While something as unprompted as kissing can come about naturally, knowing some french kissing tips can immeasurably help you gain mastery and spice up your love life.

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