How to flirt with a guy

how to flirt with a guy

Born with charming qualities or not, learning the fine art of flirting can help you test the waters to see if the interest goes both ways.

How to flirt with a guy is actually simple. The Internet and a lot of female-centered magazines have already published thousands of articles on this topic, although filled mostly with worthless tips, minus a few gold ones that are guaranteed to work. Now, this article sifts through all of those tips and came up with the real solid ones on how to flirt with a guy effectively.

No, flirting isn’t about how short your skirt could get or licking, biting or sucking on your lips in some sort of seductive – but really silly, kind of way. How to flirt with a guy is basically how you interact with him. Talk to him, yes; but don’t bore him with nonsense, creeped him with your weirdness, and drive him away with your drama.

When you’re flirting with someone, it often generates a likewise flirtatious response from the other person. If he bites, he has either mastered the craft of flirting or he’s interested. The longer you can carry the flirtation, the more it speaks about the chemistry you both have with each other. The most effective way on how to flirt with a guy needs three things from you – looks, brain and humor. You need to have the looks to capture his attention; the brain to hold it; and the humor to keep him interested.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Bathe in confidence every day. Nothing’s sexier than a woman confident and secured with herself. It takes some balls to flirt with someone; and in order to have that, you need to be comfortable with who you are. You can achieve this by looking good and knowing it, stand firm in your beliefs, and always know what you want. If you want him, then you’re willing to make the first move – is the kind of ballsy act I’m talking about. If you’re still in awkward stage and is completely shy, flirting with a guy might be a little harder for you lest you learn to develop yourself more. Start with the basic, look good to feel good.

Be conscious of your appearance. You actually don’t need to resemble a goddess in order to get men buzzing around you like sappy losers. You also don’t have to resort to provocative clothes. Wear something that not only looks good on you but that you’re comfortable wearing and not spend the night tugging on the neckline of your blouse or hemline of your skirt. Stick to clean and comfortable yet makes you feel sexy and confident. Also, make sure that when you lean close to a guy to whisper something sexy to him, your breath doesn’t smell like the sewers or the onions you had for dinner. Observe proper hygiene and put on perfume that’s bound to tease his senses.

Be playful. Flirting is all about teasing and playing. Exchange witty and smartass lines with him. Don’t take everything seriously – leave that to the relationship and marriage talks. By being playful, you’re breaking the ice and you’d be amaze how comfortable you feel with someone you’ve just met. If there’s a connection, the conversation will easily flow from there and is worth another round of drinks.

Be mysterious. Leave a little mystery – this will make him determined to solve you. Don’t give him everything right away. Tease him and torture him by leaving questions unanswered. Don’t hand him everything as that will make him lose interest in you immediately. Keep him on the edge by throwing and doing something random at him. Say, give him a sultry look before excusing yourself; or lightly touching his arm while laughing at something he said. Be careful not to lead him on though. If you have no intentions of going to bed with him, go easy on the innocent touches.

When you’re out with a group of friends, try to single yourself from them to give the guy a chance to approach you. Why make it harder for him when you could already be enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company?

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