How To Flirt With a Girl

how to flirt with a girl

No, it isn’t about cheesy dialogues or over the top compliments. Flirting is a language – a fun way of communicating with the opposite sex.

How to flirt with a girl without having to borrow cheesy pickup lines lifted from likewise cheesy soap operas is easy. All you need to remember is to just be yourself and have fun interacting with the girl, dropping subtle lines and moves to show her your interest. If you don’t know how to flirt with a girl, then don’t be surprised when she gets up and leave while you were in the middle of the story about how you single-handedly destroyed a WoW Guild.

The key to congruence is to not think of it as a game where you have to watch out what the social feedback is from your action. Don’t over think your actions. Plan yes, but still everything has to come out smoothly, so smooth that it’s basically just letting the chips fall where they may. It’s like when you come across someone interesting don’t think “pickup” rather assume it will happen.

How to flirt with a girl entails mastering the difference between cocky and arrogant. Arrogant men wear confidence and exude an aura of supremacy without the need to tell people about it. On the other hand, cocky is lifting your own chair for people to marvel at your strength. If you didn’t get that, then you’re exactly what I’m talking about.

In flirting, it’s not all about what comes out of your mouth. Be conscious as well of your body language – be calm and collected.

Confidence speaks volumes when you walk into a room. You’re a guy yet when another guy enters the room showing confidence and he grabs your attention, don’t think for a second that the women didn’t. People bound to notice people who stand straight with their chin up and act as if he’s God’s gift to women. Females like it when confident men approach them because it satisfies two things they seek – to feel secure and valued. Playfully teasing her is a way of showing confidence.

Back up what you exude. You can’t barge into the room acting like this badass motherfucker yet looking like a hippie who got left behind by the Peace Caravan. If you act it, make sure you look it.

Speak without words. Like I said, mind the body language, the non-verbal elements you bring into the game. It is an integral element that you need to master when it comes to flirting with a girl. Every little nuance you have is dissected by women – your posture, facial reactions and eye contact. Look her in the eye and avoid gawking at her breasts.

Tease her but never insult her. Both are at two opposite ends of the scope her. Be aware of the delicate balance when teasing a woman. Generally, women love it when men make them laugh. Get her to laugh and you’re guaranteed a lasting impression. This will also allow women to open up more to you and lose their initial defenses. I’ll bet my balls that when you ask any woman what she’s looking for in a man, being able to make her laugh is one of the top things in that list. I’m not saying go for goofy or childish – that’s just not what I’m talking about. While staying cool, calm and collected, make her laugh and have a good time.

Control your voice. Minding what comes out of your mouth is just as important as how they are delivered. Now, we’ve talked about body language, but keep in mind also that learning how to flirt with a girl needs you to practice controlling your voice. Not everyone is blessed with a voice certified to make women shiver with excitement, but you can work on making it as attractive as can be. Try to speak in slow calm manner and try not to get giddy or excited every time a woman says something. When women see this, they’ll know you’re calm and collected, which in turn will make her more relaxed and comfortable around you.

After you start talking to a girl, it’s up to you to lead – and I don’t mean just leading her around the club.

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