How To Fight

At some point in your life, you will encounter conflicts which may or may not lead to physical violence. Question is will you be able to take care of yourself?

How to fight in real life is not like how it is in action movies where you have to get battered and bloodied first so you’ll feel empowered to fight back and win towards the end of the film. Nor is it some chick flick or feel good movie where you can always manage to talk your way out of it or feel obligated to follow some moral argument that prevents you from giving your all – a.k.a playing dirty. Everyone fights their own battles – literally or figuratively, but in order to win, you must know how to fight.

The point of this article is not to mold you into becoming this world class asshole whose main reason for existence is to spark confrontations and start a fight with anyone and everyone. Rather, this article teaches you how to fight in order to come out of a confrontation you are pushed in. It’s never cool to try to go for coolness by starting gang wars, posse violence rampage, or just dicking around the neighborhood boyz.

If you can walk away from a fight, then do so; if you can help resolve a conflict, then do so. Not really aiming for sainthood here, just trying to help save your neck through simple, deliberate actions. The bottom line for fighting should be for defense – defending yourself and those that you protect.

How to Walk Away From a Fight

If you can avoid the fight, then you’ve just won by default. This is real life, no second takes, so don’t go all Bruce Lee and say some silly crap about honor and not taking the win because you still haven’t proven how big your balls are. There’s usually some form of warning before an actual physical aggression happens. If you can do anything to dispute the fight, then do it. Don’t be among the special breed of men who let their ego get in the way of their safety.

For verbal disputes, don’t let your mouth run away from you. Keep calm and don’t result to insulting, baiting remarks as this can be the spark that’ll lit your opponent and can earn you a punch in the face out of nowhere. The bigger man always takes the apologetic approach. But don’t go overboard with the apologizing, he might mistake it for weakness. Be firm in your apology while looking him straight in the eyes.

On the flipside, if someone did something to you, don’t fly of the handle immediately. Let the person explain and keep a tight hold on your temper. Exercise total control. If someone apologizes to you in a likewise manner mentioned above, accept it and let the argument end there. Seriously, if people just learn how to use their mouth besides cussing, 50% of physical violence would never have to happen.

In the case you can’t prevent physical aggression

Be aware of your surroundings. When insults are thrown with more vehemence and fire, start scouting your environment for possible advantages – weapons, traps, even possible escape route, which is a smart move especially if you’re outnumbered. Open all senses and be on the guard. Besides by then you’re probably on flight or fight mode – adrenaline kicked in. Also, evaluate your opponent(s). Never underestimate him or them. Try to look for hidden weapons – bulk in the jacket, hand reaching for something in the pocket, etc.

Keep some distance. Proximity can get you blindsided by your opponent. When you’re at a striking distance, he can hit you anytime and you might not get a chance to fight back then.

Defend yourself. For an unjustified aggression, don’t hesitate to defend yourself in any means possible including playing dirty. Silly moral thoughts should never prevent you from kicking him in the nuts, throwing dust to his eyes or kicking him in the back of his knees. Try to be resourceful and maximize your environment by using any object you see and can use like a chair, a bottle or some wood. Other effective tips to fight:

  • The knee to the groin need not be explained as to why it’s effective.
  • Low kicks to the knee and abdomen can disable your opponent giving you a chance to get away. It’s kind of like kicking down a door – using the bottom of your foot.
  • Since your forehead is the hardest bone on your body, give your opponent a headbutt to the face. This can do real damage when done correctly.

Remember that this is no reality TV, and you’re no Steven Seagal who never loses his cool – and sleek hair do, so if you can’t resolve a conflict, learn how to fight and fight dirty if you have to. There’s no prize trophy after it and judges you have to impress, just your life and safety.

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