How To End a Relationship

how to end a relationship

Just as something starts for a reason, things fall apart and eventually end for certain reasons as well.

How to end a relationship that has become unhealthy for you? Rather, how do you know it’s time to call it off with your partner? Ending a relationship can be both hard and easy. It becomes easy when you are literally suffering because of the relationship and there’s no love lost there. It’s hard when emotions are still present but the relationship is causing you more pain than the good stuffs. Sometimes, we hang on to a relationship because we want to work things out with our partner. Then there are those rare cases that you are just being stubborn and turning blind-eye to the fact that there’s nothing worth to salvage and that ending the relationship is for the good of both involved. How to end a relationship is as much important as to why you want to end it.

Why? Because at the end of the day, that person has been a part of your life. Never forget the fact that they impacted your life one way or another. Besides, it’s never wrong to go for classy than trashy. Do things with dignity, make sure not to inflict more pain than necessary and avoid calling things off shrouded with bitterness.

No relationship would flourish when one remains unsatisfied for a long time. There are times when the other party would immediately think about how to end a relationship because he or she thinks that it is much better than waiting until everything becomes worse. However, one of the most difficult decisions would be to actually let go of a relationship. Thinking of ways on how to end a relationship is not easy. It’s easier to say that you’re breaking up with your partner, than to actually go and do the deed. Isn’t it hard already to just think about looking your partner in the eyes and tell him or her that it’s over between you? Dear, how easy it is to fall in love but when it comes to ending it, how come things are so complicated and really thorny?

But, before you think about ways of ending a relationship, you first need to find out if it is really time to put an end to the relationship. How can you tell it’s time call things off?

  • When arguments become too frequent and the couple can’t settle their differences anymore
  • If one of them continues cheating on the other
  • If one is manipulating the other for personal gains
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional and verbal abuse

After knowing the signs that it is time to end the relationship and you figured out that yours have the most apparent reason for it to end, then you need to stop thinking about it and start working on how to end the relationship and deliver the message to the other party.

The first thing that you should do is to think of a good location where you will break the news. Choose a private place where nobody can see in case there will be a negative reaction from the other party. For sure, there will be tears and nasty comments especially when the other party is totally not expecting it. So, to keep away from wagging tongues and curious eyes, avoid public places.

Prevent further discussions and arguments by not getting into the blame game. So, when breaking up, never think about blaming the other person. What you need to do is tell him/her why you think and feel the relationship needs to end. Emphasize how eager you are to move on with life outside the relationship.

Breaking up is never easy so in case he or she has something to say, allow that person to his or her piece. Give the other party the chance to share his views about the whole issue. It would help the person to feel better because you gave him or her a chance to clarify his or her side. Let your partner say his or her piece but if you are really determined to call it off, do not stray away from your decision and be firm with it.

Do not let your emotions rule the moment. Keep in mind that you will absolutely need to move on and time will heal the wounds. Just think about all the pains and difficulties that the relationship has brought to your life; this will remind you that you have to be firm in giving up on the relationship. Do not be affected with the tears. Put up a brave front and stand by your decision.

You have to think about doing all these advices if you really want to end a relationship. Once you have made up your mind, the best way to say goodbye is through a face-to-face encounter. Some choose sending the message across through voicemail, email, phone or SMS. But others opt talking with their partner face to face for better clarification of things. It’s also more formal to do it that way. Now, if you are still having jitters and you are afraid that you may not be able to handle your partner’s reaction when you tell him that the relationship’s over, telling him over the phone is an option.

Breaking up is not easy and your partner may not agree with it. Thus, it is important that you stand firm with your decision, beef up your act and dump him as soon as possible, and say goodbye candidly.

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