How To Do Magic Tricks

how to do magic tricks

Trick, magic or illusion – call them whatever you like but you can’t change the fact that it’s entertaining and interesting.

How to do magic tricks without getting busted needs for you to harness the skill well. Practice make perfect. How do you think those famous magicians became good at what they’re doing? Certainly not by lazing around.

Are you amazed with how Criss Angel throws magic to people he meets? Magic as it is defined is about creating illusions. Think about make-believe using simple hand tricks to show off an amazing show. You think it is stunning, right? So, you are very much interested to learn how to do magic tricks. The good news is that all magic tricks can be learned. And nothing supernatural is happening when you see a magician turning a fan into a big hanky or a rabbit into a mouse and vice versa. What the magician is doing are all parts of the power of illusion. Magic tricks can be easy to learn.

How to Do Magic Tricks

Using a Rubber Band

Rubber band shifting to all fingers magic trick.

What will happen? The rubber band will shift from the little to ring finger, to the first and middle finger of the same hand and then vice versa.

What You Need? Regular rubber band

What to Do? Hold your hand up and wrap the rubber band around your little and ring finger at the base of each finger. Your audience should see the back of your hand. Using your other hand, stretch the rubber band and fold your first, little, ring and middle finger into the loop. Fold your fingers against your palm resting them correctly in the loop. Quickly, open your palm. First remove the little and ring finger in such a way that the rubber band will jump to the other two fingers. Practice this often until you master it.

In reality, there is no mystery to magic. Everything can be learned. Here is another easy magic trick that even kids can perform to amaze guests.

What if you tell your friends that you can turn water into ice? For sure, they will tell you that you are not a magician to make it happen. Learn how to do it and starts making them believe that you have a gifted magic talent.

Water to Ice Magic

Before you start with your magic act, prepare a sponge placed at the bottom of an opaque glass and then you need to put some ice cube on a sponge. During your magic act, simply pick up the glass and then add water. Say the magic words emphasizing that you will turn the water into ice. Upon saying it, turn the glass slightly in such a way that the ice would fall. Isn’t that magic in their eyes? Truth is the water was absorbed by the sponge and not some magic did that. This is why you should not do anything to reveal the sponge placed at the bottom part of the opaque glass.

There are plenty of magic tricks that you can learn at home without spending money. However, one needs to realize that more than just knowing how to do magic tricks, he should also take some time in practicing more often until he is able to do a particular trick flawlessly.

Aside from performing magic tricks, a magician also knows how to entertain the audience in such a way that they would be participating and quick to respond. Get their attention, talk a lot and ask questions. You should be well-prepared before every performance. Do not panic when errors happen, just be calm and relaxed making it appear that the error was part of the trick.

Practice makes perfect and this is also applicable when you want to know how to do magic tricks. Another rule that you should go by, and for sure even expert magicians would teach you, is never to tell anyone about how you do your magic tricks. When you have mastered a number of tricks do not get tired of learning more new tricks and each time, make sure that you work on tricks that are more advanced than your previous ones. Another thing that most skilled magicians will tell you is to have a poker face. If you want to be like them, you should start practicing how to show off a poker face and not get affected by your audience remarks when you fail or make some errors in your magic show. Just practice, practice and practice some more until you perfect that particular magic trick.

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