How To Dance

how to dance

Whether it’s modern dance, hip-hop or doing the Tango, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to dance.

Learning how to dance is essential especially in today’s time. Clubbing and disco hopping is the rage when it comes to hanging out with friends. You go to clubs to dance, not to sit and sulk. So make sure that when you go hopping with your friends, you know how to dance.

Well, you may be thinking that you are good when you are having fun dancing alone in your room when you are happy. Or you have been into the habit of dancing any way you can to burn some of those fats away. However, all of these situations when you think you are dancing are totally different when you are talking about social dancing. It is definitely a very different matter. You see, when it comes to social dancing, it is important that you know what to dance and how to perform the right dance steps. This is because there are different dance types. The type of dancing involved depends on the occasion or event, which makes it really essential to learn the right way of dancing for different situations.

If you are endowed with dancing skills, it follows that you know how to carry yourself well. Now if you know how to carry yourself well, it would be easier for you to learn the right way of graceful dancing, which is of great importance if you are fond of attending social gatherings like parties and other events where dancing would always come as part of the celebration. This is why acquiring dancing skills is a requirement if you are a very sociable person.

So, you are now getting more and more interested to learn how to dance?

To start off, you need to understand the importance of learning from a good dance instructor. Well, you can always get a friend or relative who are blessed with dancing skills to teach you. However, it is essential that you choose someone who has excellent knowledge about beats and music.

Perhaps, you would stand up and why is it important to look into that matter, when all you want to do is learn the right way to groove to the music.

When you want to learn the right way of dancing, you need to understand that music-body coordination is what makes a good dance. Dance steps and synchronization play significant roles in determining a good dance especially if you will be performing in public. This is why timing is always part of the criteria in every dancing contest.

When you are in a party and someone invites you to dance, get up and show a happy expression. Since this situation has no early information and practice, it is important that the initial step to coordination come from you. In order to succeed with this part, you need to look at the way your partner grooves. By looking, it would be easier for you to choose steps that somehow closely resemble the dance steps your partner is performing. It’s also important that you make sure that you dance with the music and not away from it.

It is also important that you do not overpower your partner, especially if he is new to dancing. You need to be aware that the overall grace of dance comes from the way both of your perform so you need to complement your partner.

Are you aware that the dress and the shoes you wear also have an impact on how you can dance confidently?

You should have realized by now that the dancing dress helps in providing the final outcome of the dance you are performing. It is important that you choose a dress that suits your dance in such a way that you would look graceful as you carry out every step of the dance. You have to make sure that you are confident and comfortable with your dancing clothes because the slightest indication of awkwardness will have a great effect on the final outcome of the dance.

The shoes, on the other hand, are the best dance tool that you can depend on. It plays a significant part in flaunting grace while you are performing. Nice and comfortable dancing shoes would give a great plus factor in the overall dance performance.

When learning how to dance, it is essential that you know that dancing is an art; as a matter of fact, one of the most beautiful forms of art that requires specific rules both in conduct and form. Expression or attitude as well as your dancing costume play important roles along with your dancing skills. Without paying attention to these matters, you can’t be a good dancer even if you have exerted much effort in learning the best dance skills for dancing in public.

How to dance in a club

The club scene is nothing to fear, and dancing is not a form of torture. You go out to have fun, make sure you know how to dance.

Learning how to dance in a club helps you strut yourself off that dancefloor with ultimate enjoyment. With you creating the right steps that complements your personality you can even grab the most unexpected attention in full admiration.

Always in a situation where you’re friends are inviting out to go clubbing but you always had to refuse to join them because of one simple reason – you don’t know how to dance in a club? But since you so wanted to join the fun, you started to ask around people you know to teach you the right way to dance in a club.

Honestly, you will just be wasting your time and effort asking around. Why? This is because you will end up hearing the same answer over and over again. That the key to enjoying dancing in a club depends on one thing only – practice. Yes, you need to practice because this is the only solitary way of learning how to dance.

Well, you can find books about nice dance steps. It would be worth reading, anyway. But, would you spend so much time and money buying books just to learn the right way to dance in public like for example in a club?

Try to assume that you are inside a club. Do you know that right there and then you can learn how to dance? How? Well, simply by observing how other people move while on the dance floor. You don’t need to be skilled and an expert just to enjoy dancing while you are in the club. Try to watch how their legs and hands move and keep them in mind. Feel the music and observe the movements of people dancing. You can even combine a variety of those moves, improve with a bit of a style and make it your own. You need to do this because when you are dancing, you should make sure that your movements are in sync with the music or else, you would feel awkward as people gaze at your uncoordinated movements.

When dancing with your partner, make yourself as comfortable as you can for you to be able to keep pace with the music. Leave all your apprehensions in your seat and slowly but steadily sway your body until you start getting your movements properly. Take your partner to a dark portion of the club and without being too obvious learn three or four steps until you are comfortable doing them. Do this until you are at ease with your movement and your partner moves the same with you as well.

In your goal to learn how to dance in a club, you need to be active and enthusiastic. Your eagerness will help you reach your goals and enjoy every moment while dancing. When you are confident with your moves, it would be easy for you to carry out every step properly at the right tempo without lagging behind or going faster than the music. Sufficient practice will help you learn the right way of dancing to the groove when you are in a club.

When planning to go clubbing, it is important that you learn some disco dance moves. You can ask a friend or relative who is fond of going to different clubs for she may have something to share or teach you that will help you learn the present trend when it comes to disco dances. Some of the common disco dance moves include the point and electric slide, or the dougie. Teach me how to dougie – remember Chris Brown doing it? Or Justin Beiber; and even the Gleeks, Harry Shum, Jr. and Heather Morris? Take some time learning dance steps like these so that you will not be caught awkward once your friends start rocking it out and dropping it down low in the dance floor.

For example, when doing the point move, all you need to do is move your hand upward and downward with some alternate movements using your hips. On the other hand, electric slide move is carried out by taking four steps to the right followed by touching your right foot using your left foot with clapping of hands on the final step. Try to practice any of these moves before you say yes to go dancing in the club.

Basically, it is easy to learn the right and simple ways on how to dance in a club. All it takes is some practice and memorizing some simple dance steps and you are now ready to join your friends for a weekly clubbing fun. By then, you would no longer worry about what lame excuses to tell your friends each time they invite you out for a night of fun in decent clubs.

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