How to become a model

If you’re one of those tempted by the sexy and lucrative allure of the modeling world, then this is your one-stop shop in knowing how to make it to the runway.

How to become a model and venture into the world of glamour and fashion is probably something a huge chunk of Eve’s kind has thought of, aspired for or still in the quest of achieving. For some women, getting on the catwalk is one of their greatest dreams. And once they have a taste of that dream, they want more. Why? Because humans are such creatures that once they get a taste of something they like, they want more; once they saw something they want, they crave for it like a junkie craves for his fix. Camera flashes, glamour appeal of the fashion industry, gracing magazine covers and billboards, and that seed of vanity which is present in all humans – these are just some of the driving elements why women are fighting tooth and nails to make in to the modeling world.

The hard truth? To make it in the industry, it takes more than a great physique and exceptional looks. Not everyone’s like the goddesses Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer who got recruited when spotted in a nightclub. In order to make it in the arduous world of modeling, there are standard steps to take which applies to both males and females.

Possessing impressive features. This is modeling we’re talking about. Basically, strutting your stuff for the whole world to see. Question is, do you have something that separates you from the next Jane Doe? Exceptional looks in the fashion and modeling world is not always about top-shelf beauty of a certain kind, rather the unique or the something fresh and new that you have with you. Usually, if you do possess that X-factor modeling agents usually see, then you’re saved the trouble from facing the many hardships when aspiring to become a pro model. If you do look impressive enough – I’m thinking physique, high cheek bones, the bearing, the prominent jaw line, etc., then you do have a fighting chance.

Type of model you want to be. There are some significant decisions that you need to decide on before you start finding the path on how to become a model. First, you need to figure out clearly what kind of model you want to be. You want to be a TV and print ad model? Or you want to be the star of different catalog pages? Basically, different types of modeling jobs require varying facial and physical requirements. So, it is important that you take this into consideration when deciding which modeling path you want to pursue. And when you do, you can get on with the next tip below.

Being pretty is not enough. Well, yes, you may be pretty, gorgeous and really attractive, but so is the next girl sitting across you in the cafe, or the chick dancing next to you in the club. Competition’s tight. You have to have something, sort of an edge, to get ahead any and all of the other girls. This is why you have to continually exert effort to polish yourself even more. Being pretty is not enough; you need to be stunningly and extremely gorgeous to capture the attention of your audience. When I say polish yourself, I don’t only mean enhancing your physical appearance but you need to have the supermodel style, bearing and attitude pegged down.

Build your portfolio. Just like how a professional portfolio speaks about the capabilities of a professional individual, your portfolio will be your calling card, showing potential employers what you’ve got. Before approaching modeling agencies, it is essential that you have with you a nicely built portfolio. In it should be your most recent and tasteful photos – portraits, full body shots, artistic shots, and so on. It is still the best option to hire a professional photographer to take your prints, but as the usual case for aspiring models, that costs too much so you can settle with snaps which are less expensive. You can opt instead for the most common choice – asking friends or relatives to take the pictures.

Get yourself an agent. Scout various modeling agencies and search for modeling offers. This modeling company will be the one to get work for you; they will be the one to negotiate with the concerned employers or businesses that needs models. You can email fashion modeling agencies or go directly to their office after making the necessary appointment. However, you should always be cautious because there are also illicit agencies out there that are just preying on aspiring and novice models. You are desperate, but not that desperate enough to forsake basic common sense like carefully evaluating the inclusions in any contract before committing yourself to an agent or modeling agency.

Finally, you have to keep in mind that there is no overnight miracle that can make you an instant modeling star. You need to be focused and proactive. It may take many weeks, months or even years before you finally get the big break in your modeling career.

It can’t happen overnight – nothing ever does. It will take a lot of hard work, determination and patience. You’ve set your mind on this path, don’t buckle or cower when faced with setbacks. The greatest sacrifices often pay the sweetest price.

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