How To Be Popular

how to be popular

Popularity is not everything. True, but you can’t deny that going through life being popular certainly has its perks.

How to be popular not only among your crowd but to the general population is a pretty common scene, especially in high school. Bowling for Soup’s song High School Never Ends states that just as there’s a class system in HS, life continues to classify and label you as you go through life. It’s up to you whether you want to be bound by that or not. Personally, I think its bull. But still, the social aspect in humans craves the attention and acceptance.

Being kind and sweet is absolutely nice but if you want to attract people, this might not be enough considering how young people think nowadays. You know how guys these days value physical appearance. Women at present have the same perceptive too. It may sound bad at first, but you have to accept the fact that if you are popular, people would love to be with you and pay high regards to you. This is why most people are interested to find out how to be popular and be a people magnet.

So, you have finally decided that you want to be popular but have you also wondered why besides what was pointed out earlier, why is popularity such a desirable trait as in being popular means getting what you have always wanted easily? You may cite thousands of reasons just to justify what is behind the popularity cravings. However, at the end of the day, everything will boil down to one simple conclusion – that man is and will always be a social animal.

Absolutely, all individuals yearn for the company of others, regardless if they like him or not. For this reason, the need to finding out how to be popular especially during this time has been a topic that is emanating within the mind of those who aren’t. Good thing there are lots of advices that you can get from experts especially those who have profound knowledge about how the present society thinks and judges other individuals. These tips would greatly help those who want to be popular but don’t have an idea where to begin everything.

One of the fundamental and the initial steps that you have to make if you want to be popular is to be socially active. Get out of your comfort zone and be around people. You would not expect people to come to you so you have to reach out to them and go to them, literally. Attend parties, join groups, be part of a big game or create your own identity by the talent that you have.

Another tip is to be open in meeting new people. Well, for sure you have your own set of friends, which you have been hanging out for such a long time already. However, if you want to be popular you need to broaden your social circle by making new friends here and there. Join friends of friends and be nice to other people when you are attending social gatherings. It’s one of the easiest ways to meet new people and make friends with them. The point is for you to know more of the people within and outside your community.

The desire to be popular can be easily achieved if you pay attention to personal hygiene and you know how to dress up appropriately. When choosing your wardrobe, make it a point to wear something that emphasizes your best features so that it would be easier for you to walk with confidence. In doing so, you will notice how people will appreciate how you look and getting their attention is one step forward to your desire of being popular.

If you are a person who talks nonsense, you are bound to fail in your mission to attract people towards you. What you will end up is not being popular in a good light but popular in the sense that you are the topic of nasty comments and ridiculous negative opinions that most people are used to doing to people they perceive as mentally inferior. How can you be popular if you are a moron as described by others? To prevent this, you need to learn, read up and talk with sense, something that you can achieve by exerting efforts in studying and reading.

How to be popular by getting other people’s attention is generally more on not trying so hard. Everything should come naturally from you. You need to discover yourself, find your strengths and use them to your advantage. Making some little changes to polish your hidden positive traits will bring great results as a whole. You need to work on self-improvement bit by bit without changing your real self to imitate others just because you feel they are popular. Your attitude makes a great deal in succeeding with this goal.

Be confident and stand tall. Soon you will be one of the most popular people in your circle.

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