How To Be Happy

how to be happy

If you aren’t happy everyday, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to put variance in your day to day mood.

How to be happy is a question every normal, breathing person wants answered. I stressed the word normal, as there are the occasional screw-up and weirdo who find it fun, hot, normal to be sullen and act as if the weight of the world rests on their shoulders. Oh the gravity of it. These people need a healthy does of the positivity drink.

When you are sad, you also feel restless and frustrated. This is the time when doubts as well as fear start to creep in the mind as you become more determined to find the right path on how to be happy once again. Well, feelings of sadness will also come since you are just like everyone else – a normal human being. There is nothing wrong with being sad as long as you are familiar with the right approaches necessary to deal with it, and in the process overcome it for your benefit. Hey, nobody wants to be trapped in the cave of sadness all the time. You don’t want to for sure.

Stop sulking in your room, instead step up. Get ready. For now, you will be discovering the key to unlocking the happiness that you are searching for.

Avoid things and memories that make you sad

This may sound basic but admit it or not, a lot of people tend to go back to the times when they were unhappy unconsciously. As a result, they end up either sad because it happened or angry at the people who caused it. This is why the first tip to avoid being sad is to avoid people who have negative influence in your life and keep away from the things and events that bring back old sad memories.

Start your day right and cheerful

If you want to be happy all the time, you need to start your day with a happy disposition. Start your day by giving thanks for a brand new day, a good and hearty breakfast, your family and even the little things that you know are blessings in your life. In counting them, you would appreciate life with all the good things that it has given to you. Do not dwell on negative thoughts first thing in the morning. It would just ruin your day and hinder your goal to be happy all the time.

Upon getting up, face the mirror and shout how beautiful you are!

No, don’t think that someone in your household would think you are insane for doing this. Read it from books and you are sure to smile that this article is telling the truth. You are doing this because what comes out of your lips is the same thing that would happen. Being confident about yourself is one of the keys on how to be happy each day of your life

Count what you have and not what you don’t have

This is the same with giving thanks for all your blessings and not looking for something that you do not have. It is showing an act of contentment. If you are contented with your life, you will be happy in the process. Stop worrying about what you cannot do, instead remind yourself that whatever problem it may be, you are sure to overcome it triumphantly.

Do not give in to anger or stress

When you are caught up in a very difficult situation, do not dwell much on it. For example, you are loaded with work and your boss still continues to bring more papers to work on in your table, do not be annoyed. Learn how to apply a proactive attitude in this type of situation. Instead, think about ways on how you can accomplish all the assigned tasks fast and look forward to something that you can turn to as a reward for yourself. If you do this you will be encouraged to work fast, which will result in faster completion of tasks.

Meditation is a key on how to be happy

When you have inner peace, it would be easy for you to be happy. Meditation is an effective way to manage stress and promote inner peace and tranquility in your own self. When you are stressed, you can get easily annoyed and frustrated; it can even make you sick. This is why meditation is considered as one effective method to get rid of stress, for you to be able to face life with a happier smile.


Think about this – smile and the world smiles at you; frown and you frown alone. You would not want to be sad when the whole world is busy laughing and enjoying the happiness that life has to offer, would you? So, start your day with a good smile that would later on progress to a good laugh, getting rid of boredom and sadness in life.

The journey on how to be happy is easy if you choose to take this path. It is basically your choice, so why waste time being sad when you can choose to live happy every day.

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