How To Be Cool

how to be cool

Everyone wants to be cool, but not everyone are cool. Worse, some in their effort to become cool, ends up becoming awkward.

How to be cool without butchering your chance to be actually be cool relies entirely on how you define coolness. See, in high school, we get the usual definition for the cool people as the jocks and cheerleaders. Life’s not high school contrary to what the Bowling For Soup sang. Cool people are basically those who just seem to be good at everything and go through life with poise ad grace. For you to be cool, you need to possess specific traits – confidence, your personality that sets you apart from the rest and everbody’s friend. You constellate with the common and the rest but you’re not actually like the rest – you have your category which generally makes you cool in other people’s eyes.

Not a single soul exist who is not determined to find out how to be cool within the society they exist in. When looked upon in a more theoretical point of view, being cool means being confident, smart and having a well-composed behavior. Hence, if you want to learn the right way of showing that you are cool; you first need to learn how to be more confident about yourself. It would be the first step to presenting yourself in a more impressive and striking character. This is because in a nutshell, being Mr. or Miss Cool is about having a style and persona that is matchless and incomparable to anybody. To help you learn how to be cool, it would be ideal to learn some of the following tips:

First of all, you have to remind yourself time and time again that you must not pretend in any way. If you want to have a cool personality, you should not merely project a particular persona. Simply be yourself and nothing else.

Another thing, you should stop being too conscious with what other people think. Keep in mind and learn by heart that you do not need the approval of others in order for you to feel good about yourself. Although being friendly is one way of showing how cool you are, this is totally different from being submissive just to please others and look nice in their eyes.

Wherever you may be, never ever slouch. Stand tall and approach people without showing any sign of being shy. In doing so, you are demonstrating how comfortable you are with who you are. Never be ashamed of yourself regardless of the circle you are in. Never avoid eye contact. It means when you are talking to people, look them straight in the eye because it is one way to show confidence, which is cool enough.

Being confident is about knowing how to speak the right words at the right situation. Don’t be too serious though. In the perception of many, cool people are fun people. No need to mention to people how cool you are; if you are indeed cool, the others are probably already aware of it. It is up to them to observe your actions because our body language speaks well about your cool attitude.

Learning new and interesting things is something that you need to consider. It’s one of the great tips on how to be cool especially for girls who are easily attracted to men who talk with sense. You don’t need to be a quiz bee champion to do this. Women sometimes find too intelligent and serious guys boring. Try to bring out your coolness in a fun and engaging way.

Simply belonging in a large group of friends is not enough to be called cool. Being friendly and not choosing the kind of people to mingle with is cool. Learn to smile to everyone you meet. It shows a happy disposition and cool people are positive thinkers. Girls are attracted to boys who are fun-loving, carefree but responsible and know how to have a good time at the right time.

If you want to be cool, you need to take things as light as possible. Do not take things seriously because being cool means you are cool with everything. You need to have an open mind.

Basically, no one can set the exact rules that will explain and describe how to be cool. This is for the simple reason that being cool is an innate personality. However, working on polishing your attitude and how you move can also help you bring out the cool personality that you have. The truth is every individual have a cool side of personality. It is just that sometimes, an individual still have not yet discovered and completely figured out who he is as a person. If there is still some level of shyness and awkward within him, it will still be difficult for him to bring out his intrinsic cool personality that is hiding behind the cloud of low self-esteem and unclear self-awareness.

In a nutshell, being cool means being aware of who you really are, having the right level of confidence to be proud of his own skin. No individual is perfect. There would always be flaws in every persona. However, learning how to accept who you really are is the first step for you to be able to find out how you can bring out that personality that others would appreciate and admire.

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