How To Be a Good Kisser

how to be a good kisser

Bad kisser or not, it’s always helpful to pickup a few more tips to refine your techniques in kissing

How to be a good kisser and impress the hell out of your partner? Whether you’re the one to instigate the kiss or not, it pays a lot to know how to kiss – and kiss pretty damn well. A couple’s first kiss tells a lot about their chemistry. If the guy instigated the move, he can lead on and coax a similar good response from the girl. But not all effort should be carried by one partner alone. When a guy kiss you, make sure that you’ll take his breath away by kissing him back with the same ardor.

Weigh up the situation and your partner’s actions as well as expressions is the first effective tip on how both of you can enjoy the whole kissing experience. This drives you to the first tip that says, you should not just grab the girl and kiss just for the sake of kissing. Seriously, taking her out to dinner is no ticket for you to go pawing on her. You’re old enough to go searching for how to be a good kisser, I say you’re also quite old enough to possess the right amount of brain cells to determine whether the other person is waiting for you make a move or not.

But just to stick on the safe side, especially for first dates, you can always ask for her permission to kiss you. And girls, when you don’t want t, please do try to say no nicely and gently. Don’t go all indignant and spout rubbish about it being the first date and not in the Dating Rule Book.

How to Kiss a Girl

In a position so close together, gently lean into her and tenderly brush your lips against her lips. This will be your initiating move that would test if she wants to kiss or not. When she pulls away, you must not insist. It’s an obvious action suggesting that she is not into you. So back off and do not proceed with your kissing plan, you might end up facing more obvious embarrassment.

You can tell if a woman want you to kiss her when she closes her and starts to lean closer to you.

Softly, very softly as it would add up to the thrill and excitement, press your lips against her lips. Make the move and kiss her gently. Do not rush instead delay leaving her lips and let the kiss linger.

Passion may drive you to go a little further but sometimes, French kissing should not be carried out at once. There are still some things that you can do to enjoy the moment and escalate the pleasure for both of you.

If you think that kissing is simply all about locking lips, you are lacking into that area of thought. You can use your hands to your advantage.

While kissing her, run your hands over her hair passionately! Or you can clasp your hands at the small of her back as if you are protecting her. Or while kissing, run your hands caressingly over her arms while moving it up and down.

If you want to know how to be a good kisser, you need to be familiar with how kiss variations can help you achieve this goal. It would be ideal to learn how to add variety to your kisses, and for sure, the girl will be begging for more. Kissing in variation helps maintain the excitement and makes kissing less boring. It just takes time to practice, creativity, imagination and getting a feel of what your partner likes. The latter can be noticed by her reactions like if she is moaning and getting wild, as well with her responses to your kiss.

There are many benefits that you would gain by becoming a good kisser. You can revive your love life and make it more exciting if you know and employ different kissing techniques. It’s important because romance is an important part of any intimate relationship.

But before you start thinking about learning how to be a good kisser, you should be completely aware of the important things to pay attention to before you even try kissing any lady. Personal hygiene, for one should be always in check. Make sure that you have fresh breath because your partner would certainly be turned off if you have bad breath. It is also important that you do not cross the line between passionate kissing or you may end up scaring your partner away. The key is to love the moment – gently and passionately. Be in control – that is the secret to becoming a good kisser.

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