How To Attract Women

how to attract women

In the dating game, generating attraction is the key element. In order for a woman to be attracted to you, you need to have and harness various elements first.

How To attract women is kind of like those days when your mom baked cookies and you just can’t help getting attracted to the smell and follow it like a zombie. You can be the cookie that women crave – I’ll show you how to go about the baking. Women will want to be around you when you smell so good, might even turn them on. It’s all in the chemistry. Keep in mind though that there’s no one and universal rule on how to attract women.

Before giving you various methods on how to attract women, here are three essential things that you need to do in order to change the game for you.


It’s all about the packaging. How you present yourself to the woman can be an important determinant. Women dissect everything – they notice every little detail and evaluate it. Your aesthetics, the way you enter the scene, your smile, the eye contact and all your body languages. Keep all these elements under your control. Avoid imitating other people’s style or body language because it will never work for you. Rather, master your own style and focus on becoming unique. It’s always the different that gets noticed.


The next factor to trigger attraction is how you engage with women, the words coming out of you. Keep the interaction light but with value. Mind what you say to her and avoid painting a loser version of you. You could mention that you just came from a party, conveying the message that you’re a social person.


Your ability to get sexual with women is considered as the most essential element in generating attraction. How soon you touch her, how often you do and how sexual they are, are the three determinants whether she will feel attraction for you or not. If these simple gestures seem to have no effect for her, then it’s safe to say that the chemistry’s just not there.

How To Attract Women

Too many tips floating around but they can be summed up into these four tips I lined up for you. Follow them to the dot and you’re in.

Enjoy the whole process of it. Stay calm. Don’t feel the pressure. The key to successfully attracting women is to enjoy the ride. Don’t go about it all stiff and nervous, chances are you’ll just mess things up and butcher your chance with her. Most often, it’s your fear of getting rejected that prevents you from actually getting her. So, relax, smile and enjoy everything without worrying about the outcome.

Be pleasant and nice. You can wear arrogance, but never act it – that just makes you an asshole in her eyes. Avoid also from getting too flashy and fashionable in your approach – that just screams scripted and lifted from the How To Flirt Manual page 101.

Pay attention to her. The whole her and not just those titties you’ve been eyeballing since from the start. Eyes above her chin, soldier. Listen to what she’s saying so when she does ask for your opinion about it, you won’t end up looking like an idiot. Avoid talking too much or have an internal conversation with yourself. Let her talk – and pay attention, so you can at least find out about her interests and thoughts.

Make her feel special. All women like to feel special – it’s inherent to them. That doesn’t mean you should insert a comment about her clothes or makeup or shoes every other conversation – next thing you know, she’ll be hooking you up with her gay best friend. Praise her genuinely, about things that you do find attractive about her. When she knows the compliment’s genuine, she’ll feel special, affording you greater chance of attracting her.

Through all this, keep a tight hold on your pants. You’re the man, so be the man. Don’t let silly, nonsense things drive you out of your goal.

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