How to attract a man

how to attract a man

How can you get the man when you don’t know how to be attractive to him?

How to attract a man is not a natural skill, but it can be learned. And just like any other skill, it needs harnessing, it needs to be honed. It’s written in stone that the single most important element that you need in order to attract him, is confidence. How can you set out to attract someone, when you don’t even like yourself? In order for other people to be attracted to you, you must be attracted to yourself. And I mean that in a non-freaky, narcissist kind of way. I don’t want you going through mirrors and telling yourself how much you like yourself – that’s just not what we’re aiming here.

Men can easily pick up on needy vibes, which is why in trying to get him attracted to you, you must avoid coming off as desperate. This usually stems when you feel out of control of the situation, and the panic feeling when you exert too much attention on getting the guy. Men find it attractive when they’re constantly vying for your attention which is evenly distributed to other areas of your life – work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. By doing this, you’ll feel and act more confident which is attractive to any man.

You can attract all eyes and attention to you if you resort to slutty clothes and crass ways, but is that exactly the kind of attention you want? The impression of you the guy that you like has? No, of course not. And if you’re one of the special few who said yes, then I have no hopes for you.

How to attract a man? Just be yourself – minus the dramas in your life. Leave that for the third date, maybe?

Attracting men is all about maximizing what you got and working hard on what you don’t have. You may look as hot as Megan Fox but once you open your mouth and trailer trash talk comes out…learn to keep your mouth shout – something like that.

Now, before I give you tips on how to attract men, remember that the best accessory a girl must possess is confidence. Women secured in their own worth are the sexiest creatures to walk this planet. So, bathe in confidence but eat humility so as not to come off as snotty and bitchy. Classy is what we’re aiming for.

Let him know that you exist. Is he aware of your existence? If he doesn’t, the first thing that you should work out is to find some common friends who will introduce you with each other. If you know nobody from his crowd, try to find a class or gym he is going to and join as well. From there, it would be easier for you to find a way on how you can talk to him.

Be independent. Seriously, don’t come off as a parasite – a gold-digger’s cousin. Guys don’t want to be taken in for a ride or the free food. Before you start flirting, have a drink in hand or do it after the food or coffee has been served. Women who could afford their own drinks are more attractive as opposed to posers who just want to save some bucks on drinks and food.

Smile genuinely. Even if men do like sexy smiles, they are a natural sucker for really genuine flashes. No matter how gorgeous your body and sexy your dress is, nothing beats that warm, sincere smile that lights up the whole room. If he smiles back, it’s in the bag – he’s definitely interested in you.

Sensible, short talks and nice questions. Talking like you’re Oprah should only happen if you’re going out with the guy. But if you’re at the stage of trying to attract one, simple but sensible conversations are the way to go. You could ask him about his favorite sport, hobbies and the latest movies. Ask questions that aren’t too invasive as it indicates to them that you’re overly interested. That’s definitely an attraction-killer. Also, watch out and avoid questions that are usually the measurement of their success and manhood such as income, careers or jobs and their last relationship. Mind the ego, love, they’re kind of sensitive with it.

Always remember to be yourself – you’re beautiful. Besides, everyone else is taken. 😉

More on attracting a man 😉

Any woman is capable of instantly creating an attraction with any man. There are too many ways on how to do that but here are the ground rules.

How to attract men is a knowledge that every woman needs to possess. Flirting and dating is a battlefield, and learning the tools of the trade is your best artillery. One of the most challenging pursuits for women is to be appealing to men. If you’re plain, boring or dull, right off the bat, you’re out of the game. It is inherent in both sexes to want to be desirable. Admit it, looks is what captures the attention, but it’s your personality that holds it.

It’s all about the attitude. You don’t have to be blindingly gorgeous in order to catch a guy’s attention. Although technically, aesthetics do count, but it’s not everything. If you just know how to play your cards right, even Brad Pitt will leave Angie and run off with you to Cabo. It is possible that with just a few tweaks in your personality, you can attract men as easily as within five minutes.

Be physically attractive. In order to be really attractive, you have to know that you’re attractive – that’s confidence. Even if you’re wearing a gorgeous, sexy dress yet spent the night uncomfortable, fidgety and conscious about what you’re wearing; then the girl wearing jeans and a shirt but carries it confidently will still come out sexier compared to you. Highlight your most attractive asset, be it your collarbone, legs or hair. You’re sure to turn heads if you know how to maximize your best physical feature and dim down on your weakest spots.

Lose the bitch face. Be approachable and adopt a friendly aura. A lot of women today go for the sexy and smoldering model pout look – moody, tight-lipped and an expression that practically screams “stay the fuck away!” You might think it’s working for your case, but it’s not. This is the reason why ice-queens never get laid. How can a guy want to approach you when you’re very much adopting the “looks could kill” down to the last letter.

Although it’s not only the women who have this certain type of look. The male version of this is what we call the James Bond stare, where they have this very stern expression and act as if they’re too cool for school.

People go out to have fun and enjoy themselves. If you don’t look, sound, and spell like fun – nobody will want to play with you. Smile – it’s so basic an act, but a lot of people often forget to do it and wonder why guys aren’t lining up to have a chat with them.

Express femininity through touch. To attract men even early in the conversation, you need to introduce physical contact. Key point to remember here is to keep it playful rather than seductive. Playful touches include a light touch to his forearms when making a point; or lightly batting his chest while laughing at his joke. When thanking him, very lightly squeeze his arm.

All these actions scream soft and playful rather than aggressive and seductive. Always remember to keep them brief and natural.

Feel free to disagree with him. This is a guaranteed attraction-builder. Men love it best when the woman contradicts him on his opinions – and then making him see your point. Although, the last part is not really necessary. Just don’t act meek and brainless around him, or pretend to disagree with him for the sake of it. Feel free to voice out your opinions when you’re not on board with something he said.

Most often, women harbor this notion that if we constantly agree with him, he’ll like us more. Rather, when you show him that there is a brain above the nicely-framed cleavage and is an independent-thinker willing to challenge hem on what he says, he’ll be more attracted to you.

And when you do agree with him, this will also help you bond more with him because he knows that it’s a genuine agreement as opposed to you just nodding along to impress him.

In order to attract men, you don’t have to change yourself, put on an attractive mask or pretend to be something that you’re not. Sooner or later, you will get tired and the mask will slip and he will notice the sudden change and lose interest in you.

When trying to attract men, you can’t negotiate your way out of these ground rules.

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