How to attract a guy

how to attract a guy

Although there’s no universal guy for every girl, there are common ground rules that are pretty much deal-makers when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

How to attract a guy needs you to be comfortable first with who you are and what you have to offer. Just because you’re trying to get the guy doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. Rather, work on what you have already, make it extraordinary.

Guys by nature are attracted to what stands out. Be it a woman in physical form, the sleekest car or the most astounding touchdown. While they could appreciate simpler things, there is no arguing that men have strong affinity for the extraordinary. Their attention veers more on the standout color of clothing, as well as how the garb covers or flows with the woman’s body. Their eyes immediately lock on differently colored hair, someone who talks with command and something that captures their emotions and senses. So if you’re meaning to attract one guy, you could try some of these ideas that have worked for as long as the course of mankind’s history.

Be real friendly.

If you see a hunk who’s really serious, focused on his Blackberry or looks too sullen, would you be attracted to him? Personally, I will because that’s just the kind of guy I’m into. But we’re not talking about me, so moving on. Point is, everyone has different taste – food, clothing, what’s attractive to them. Although it can be quite sexy to adopt a serious aura, people gyrate around happy people. Nobody wants to hang around someone who looks like she’s about to have bitch fit. If you want to attract attention from men, you must exude that air of friendliness. Men just don’t go for dark aura of sadness, problems and troubles that a serious, secluded woman exhibits in a bar or club. But for sure, a genuine smile and acknowledging their wave or simple questions are signs that you’re in for friendship and more. So be friendly and put on a picture of fun and openness.

Dress up suitably.

Avoid the fashion police. Actually, don’t bow down to any fashion clique. Find your own style and dress accordingly. Instead of dressing like a vamp, just dress nicely on something you’re comfortable with. Don’t be too bare when it’s cold or overdressed in summer. Doing so speaks of desperation and immediately ranks you among the not-so-attractive kind. If you’re comfortable with sexy clothes and killer heels, then go for it. Carry your fashion, no matter if you got it from a garage sale, like a confident woman. After all, while men does pay attention to what you wear, how you wear it sticks to their mind as well.

Go for the eye contact.

Men are quickly intrigued – and attracted – to women who display signs of interest. The best way to do so then would be caught looking at him. If he does, don’t look away but instead, display a shy smile. If he’s the first to look away, don’t feel bad. Maybe he’s just the shy type. But if he locks his gaze until you can’t take the battle, smile and then look away. If you’re in a group and both listening to someone talk, be caught stealing glances at him. Or if he’s the one talking, focus on what he has to say and look him straight in the eye. Men appreciate your time listening, and get the idea that you are interested as well on what’s beyond his words.

Flirt some.

To attract a guy, you need to master the art of flirting. If he’s at the far corner of the club, you could go for intense exchange of gazes, seductive moves with your drinks or dancing; even mouthing a few phrases that tell him you like him. In case the guy’s seated next to you, don’t be afraid to lean closer or touch his legs or arms. Whisper or move closer to his ears when you want to tell him something. This gives you a chance to breath heavily next to him and at the same time, allows you to have an intimate moment, even if it’s just sharing a few words about the club or the drinks. Just try subtle flirty moves and not the really aggressive ones.

Ask and then listen.

Men like to talk about anything that paints them as a picture of greatness. But of course, they’d want to be sure you’re interested as well. Make sure the questions aren’t going to dumb them down or downplay their image and stature. Avoid questions such as income, his job or why his last relationship didn’t work. Instead, ask why he has a great body and what gym he goes to. Probe deeper into his interest in ball games or joining marathons. Ask why his tan looks so natural and all that. Then listen. Truly hear out what he has to say. Men like it when the girl asks sensible question and appreciate it more if they express true caring on their answers.

To attract a guy, let him know that you’re interested. Some women have this insane notion that guys can read their minds.

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