How To Ask a Girl Out

how to ask a girl out

The fear of rejection is what makes asking a girl out a nerve-wracking experience. Unless, of course you know a few tricks on how to go about it the right way.

How to ask a girl out is a technique that has never been and can never be summarized into just one manual. Magazines, books, our friends – they tell us so many different, conflicting views of how a girl wants to be asked out. As we evolve, society comes up with new viewpoints, and the mating rituals also change with the times. The one thing that remains constant is that people go out on dates because they are interested in getting to know someone better.

So if you asks a girl out and she says yes, it’s a foregone conclusion that there is some level of interest on her part. It starts with that – and all you need to do is to run with it. If she is interested enough to commit to a few hours with you, then you are off to a good start.

Creativity plays a big part in catching and keeping a girl’s interest. It is helpful to understand that girls grow up with the idea of relationships from a fairytale perspective, and until they have had enough experience to understand that reality isn’t quite as “magical,” they will continue to look for a boy who will give them the love stories that they have grown up with. Of course, this doesn’t mean that to make a girl interested, the boy needs to look Prince Charming – he just needs to act like one.

No, you’re not actually courting Princess Cinderella, but hey, all girls are born romantic. She may not be expecting flowers and chocolates, and no matter how many assholes have disillusioned her, she’ll still want to be romanced. Don’t deny her that, but don’t saturate her with it as well – might come off as you being too pushy and on the borderline of obsessed. Career women may come off as hard-driven and pragmatic; but they tend to be the ones who fall easily for romance. In a world filled with logic and reason, fantasy and fairytale courtship is irresistible to them.

There’s nothing wrong about doing the direct approach – asking her flat-out if she wants to go out with you. But there’s really no harm in giving her what she wants and getting a bit creative at it.

Say it with chocolates. Send her a box of chocolates with a note expressing your interest in taking her out on a date. Keep the note short. You might want to insert a small compliment to make her smile. When asking a girl out, you want to keep it simple; you can get more in-depth with her when you’re already in the date.

Say it with roses. Roses will never go out of style. Nowadays when everything seems to be digital, and flowers are sent electronically, a tangible bouquet of roses can send a girl into a tizzy. Girls can derive so much pleasure in being the recipient of a bouquet of flowers and having girlfriends “ooh” and “ahh” over them.

Say it with a letter. Why not ask her out by writing a letter? A sincere and beautifully written letter sets you apart from the boys who are texting her or sending her Facebook messages. A letter shows effort and creativity. It shows that you consider her special enough to go outside of the norm. Be direct in your letter, but also keep an air of mystery and don’t lay it all out so she will look forward to more. Before you end your letter, ask her out on a date.

These techniques are a good start. But when you have gotten her to say yes, and you’re in the date itself, you have to rely on personality, not gifts. Catch her interest by being different. Then when she’s interested, hook her in by showing her who and what’s behind the chocolates, roses and letter.

If she says no, don’t take it personally. Give her some time. Do not give up easily. Perseverance shows genuine interest better than any box of chocolates or bouquet of roses can.

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