How To Arouse a Woman

how to arouse a woman

Leave the smooth pickup lines to the 80’s since most women today are a little savvier. To turn women on, you need to find more subtle and effective approaches.

How to arouse a woman to great heights depends a lot on the technique you employ and the woman herself. See, not all women have the same preferences, not everyone have the same buttons to push and not all the time the same approach works. To get her horny, you need to at least gauge the mood she’s in, ask her what she wants or if you’re privy to it, recreate one of her sexual fantasies. If you don’t know even the basics on how to arouse a woman, don’t worry, knowledge is power and I can give you that.

It’s baffling how a lot of men don’t get it that women are into foreplay and a good fingering. All women are different, true, but still they are women. Techniques and methods may not work for everyone, but the ground rules are pretty much the same. Making out, seducing her, telling her something she wants to hear, butterfly touches and knowing looks – these are just some of the ways on how to arouse a woman. They’re general things that all women enjoy; preferences come in on how you go about doing them.

A guaranteed turn on for women is eye-to-eye contact. Look her in the eyes when you’re talking, pay attention to what she’s saying – this can also keep your eyes from wandering below her chin. Eyes above her chest, ogling her breast is just not cool. Lest of course she had them surgically and asking you about them. She’s a person, not an object to be ogled and appraised.

You can show her you’re attracted to her by touching her. I don’t mean grab and grope – but the right kind of touching. You can play with her hands and fingers, running small circles on her palm which can be extremely stimulating. Yes, she has a nice ass, don’t go grabbing it. Again, she’s a person not an object you can just paw at anytime. When you touch her, do it like she’s fragile, or the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on – way better than a vintage automobile you like so much, or that new stereo component you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t get out of the house if you haven’t mastered the art of kissing. That at least I hope you know how. You can’t expect to arouse a woman if you kiss sloppy. Give her passionate, hungry kisses.

Mind how you look

You don’t need to look like a movie star, though it doesn’t hurt if you do. If you do look nice enough to eat, yeah, that’s probably what she’ll do. Important thing to remember is to always look sharp. And no, you don’t need to wear a three-piece suit every single time you leave the house. Rather, aim for a well put together look and spray on volumes of confidence. Observe proper hygiene, dress well and stay physically fit, all these can get you laid way into your golden years.

Talk Dirty

Talk sexy, but avoid saying anything disgusting or derogatory. Women love to be “loved by ear.” They can be easily turned on by what you say, up the notch a bit by doing it in a husky whisper accompanied by soft touches or sweet actions. Your voice and the way you talk can drive your woman to feel hot and wanting for sex. When out partying with some friends, you can ask her to dance and rub yourself to her while whispering “Just the sight of your smile is enough to make me go rock hard.”

There’s no limit to what you can say to her. You can go for forceful words, sweet nothings, or even romantic lyrics.

Discover her pleasure buttons

Don’t jump her, heading straight to her vagina. Try to reach the other areas of her body that can turn her on instantly. Gently and lightly touch her ears, neck, breasts, toes, inner thighs, nape and other erotic spots first. If you want to get her to reach orgasm, you need to know where to locate where she immediately feels pleasure.

Excite her

Before meeting her, call her. Start the conversation light. Then gradually move on to heavy stuffs – tell her what you’ve been thinking about and in graphic detail, tell her what you plan on doing to her that night. Hours in advanced you’ve already managed to begin foreplay.

All women desire to be wooed and taken. Find what makes her tick. And when you do, even something as simple as a wet, slow kiss is enough to drive her crazy over you.

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