How to arouse a man

How to arouse a man during foreplay? Fact is, foreplay can be anytime, anywhere and in any duration. Building the tension between you and your lover can make it really explosive by the time you do the deed. A lot would agree that to arouse a man is not that difficult a task really – show some skin, dirty talks, the sexual innuendos, the fondling, and so on. There are many sly, seemingly innocent ways on how to push his buttons and drive him wild with desire for you.

These sexual plays help keep the relationship from going stale and boring and to spice things up in and out of the bedroom. Besides, if you know how much a guy is turned on by you, can set every nerve-ending in your body on fire. Power is aphrodisiac – and you’ll have that once you master the many ways on how to arouse a man.

Put a beautiful naked girl in front of a guy and you’ll get two possible reactions – a boner or no boner. As much as I would like to say that all men are ruled by the head found below their belts, that’s just an unfair generalization and some crap most probably lifted from some likewise crappy magazine. Now, I’m not going for love, devotion and faithfulness talk here, that’s for another article. But that, some men prefer to be teased by leaving something to the imagination. Point here is, not everything will work for everyone. Although, all may in some way affect the guy, but the level of arousal does vary.

Did you know that the hottest thing you can say to him during sex is “I’m coming”? And the sexiest things that can turn him on are the seemingly innocent touches? For the sex part, because they know that they’re pleasuring you; and for the teasing, because they know you want him. Ego and cock are almost-almost synonymous – yes, men are such creatures.

You know your man so work on those you which you know are bound to make him a walking time bomb about to explode – literally.

Arouse a man while having dinner. Getting kinky in public is bound to make him wild, the romance novel kind – “I want to throw her across the table, rip her clothes and fuck her senseless.” To make that a reality once you get home, tease him mercilessly under the table while keeping a serene and innocent expression above the table. A few feet rubbing and some fondling is how to go about it.

Arouse a man with a massage. A massage after a long day at work is guaranteed to melt his heart for you; make it an erotic massage and he’ll melt along with his heart. Erotic massage is a mix between romance and eroticism. A lot of rubbing and touching involved which build up the sexual tension and heighten all the sensation. You can already conclude that it is a prelude to a mind-blowing love making, as opposed to the hard, hot fuck the tip above is aiming for.

Arouse a man with friends around. No, I don’t mean get freaky and be an exhibitionist. These are stolen moments, leaving your friends clueless and him hungry for more and can’t wait to shove the friends out of the house fast enough. You can go for the accidental brush against your breast or his crotch routine; or suddenly French kiss him while asking him for help in the kitchen. For the subtle way, you can go for the lingering, unmistakable look of wanting that he’s guaranteed to pick on.

Arouse a man at a party. Kind of similar to the first one, but you can still torture him when you’re both out partying and when he least expects it. How sweet of a torture it will be for him when you randomly whisper that you’re not wearing any underwear. If he’s drinking he might choke, if you guys are dancing, ah well, he can ground himself to you and might start dry-humping you. That’s just some of the likely immediate reactions, but we all know the ending would be in the car. Kudos to your man if he can last till you reach home.

Arouse a man with a lap dance. This one is a certified firecracker which is why I made a separate article on this. The gist is basically a girl, a chair and a dance. It’s a visual torture for your guy – so make sure to implement the No Touching policy firsthand. And by dance, I don’t mean you doing The Dougie. Find a sexy music, let your body flow with it, and just enjoy it. Get into it. Let him see that as much as you’re turning him on, you’re getting something out of it as well.

These tips are guaranteed deal-makers. So if you can’t arouse him with any of these tips, someone’s already doing it for him.

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