How To Approach Women

how to approach women

When approaching a woman, you don’t need to be Rico Suave. Just remember to play it smart and keep in mind some basic tips.

How to approach women don’t need for you to break out the “Hey, I forgot my number…can I get yours?” or the “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have FINE written all over you!” Tempting, I know. But unless you’re better looking than Brad Pitt, these cheesy pickup lines can only get you laughed at in your face and left standing there alone like the idiot that you are. For any guy wanting to learn how to approach women, this right here is your bible.

I’m going to teach you how to approach women and to keep her interested. Of course, it needs major effort from you but in time, you’ll learn how to make her comfortable around you as well as how to pick up her signals. Remember, rejection isn’t something to be feared. Only real men can face getting rejected head-on.

Some douchebag said that the big secret to approaching women is that everything works. I’d like to see him do the player move to a virgin and see if he doesn’t get kicked in the balls – twice. Which is why, aside from learning the ways on how to approach women, you should first consider the type of girl you want. Or the girl you’re currently eyeballing. There’s no guaranteed universal method. Just as you have preferences, so does women.

Buy her a drink. And no, I don’t mean the canned pickup line. Offer only when she’s shown some interest. You can always ask for the bartender to send a drink her way with a message asking her if she would like to join you.

Borrow a chair. This one’s an honest conversation starter, you could say. You are genuinely asking if the seat is taken or not. And when she say’s that it’s not, surprise her by sitting down and start chatting her up. She’ll be pleasantly surprised because she wasn’t expecting to have company, and had resigned to the idea of sitting alone in a table. Don’t lose the ball from your court, so be charming and light. Don’t go heavy and freaky instantly.

Ask for her name. Don’t demand it. Avoid going Neanderthal on her by calling her “woman” or play Rico Suave by going with nicknames. It’s insulting to women when they’re generalized by generic nicknames such as “love” and “hun.” With a genuine smile, ask for her name. Simple as that. If she doesn’t give it, don’t force it. Get the message, she’s not interested and you were just reading the signals wrong. Try to use your imagination though since exchanging of names is not quite the best icebreaker.

Dance with her. Employ this technique only if you’re confident enough to impress her with your skill on the dance floor. Doing the vertical dance is the world’s oldest disguise for the horizontal dance.

Use a pickup line. No, I’m not being contradictory here. Pickup lines should not come off as, well yeah, pickup lines. Rather, more of an icebreaker. Key rule here is on how you deliver it. Don’t go all serious in giving her the line – she’ll hate you for it. Instead, go for the humorous approach. Make a joke out of a pickup line or employ a cooler and less formulaic one, and you’re guaranteed her attention and interest.

Give her a compliment. Say something genuinely nice about her. When she sees that you mean the compliment, that’s a plus for you. Don’t go for canned compliments. Give her unique ones. Instead of complimenting her about the color of her dress, why not go for something about her than just the surface stuff. Like how her smile makes her eyes sparkle. Still, abide with the genuine compliment. It would be funny if you tell her that and she’s wearing eyeglasses.

Ask her a question. Go for open-ended questions, and have ready one or more other open-ended follow-up questions. Just in case you don’t know what open-ended is, these are questions that begin with the words what, why and how. Listen to her answer and drop the follow-up questions smoothly so as to prevent coming off as stalling. Avoid doing the I’m-from-out-of-town routine. If things work out, you just practically started something with a big lie.

Best advice I can give you is to pick your style and harness it well. In that way you’ll get so good at it, women can never tell what hit them.

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