How to apply eye makeup

If the eyes are the window to the soul, let’s try to make them the prettiest windows, shall we? It can be challenging but all you need are the essential eye makeup tools and the knowledge to use them.

How to apply makeup relies a lot on having the right equipment and proper know-how. You may have all the Mac, Revlon, Cle de Peau or Lancome eye cosmetics but lacks the basic idea on using them? No, I’m not going to say it’s useless; rather, why not try learning how to apply eye makeup? It may not be as easy as applying lipstick, but it’s not exactly rocket science. I think the eye makeup is probably the most fun part of the whole makeup routine. This is where you can really play with colors and where your whole makeup revolves around.

Your eye makeup enhances your whole look. If you’re aiming for the girl-next-door type – wear the appropriate clothes and don’t wear makeup that can make The Joker appear natural looking when compared to you. Just as your clothes must be appropriate for the occasion, your eye makeup must be at par with the look you’re aiming for – natural and sweet, sultry and mysterious, hip and funky.

When it comes to applying eye makeup, you need to know that there are different eye makeup styles and techniques. It is preferable that you find your way in learning the right styles that go with different occasions, whether it’s a day event or an evening affair.

The things you need include various eye shadow tones, eyeliner, mascara and your different eye makeup brushes. Also another essential you must have on hand are for your foundation, a concealer and a primer or moisturizer.

Applying eye makeup comes after you’re done applying your foundation. Use the concealer to hide visible marks or creases. Don’t forget to add a coat of primer or moisturizer as this helps keep the makeup stay on for longer hours and appear smoother.

How To Apply Eye Shadow

Eye shadow cosmetics usually come in three tones – light, medium and dark. Basic rule is to always use the light tone on the top parts of your eyelids. Your eyelids must be colored with the medium tone, starting at the inside corner of the eye going to the outer part of the eyelid. Blend the eye shadow tones using either a brush or your fingers. The dark tone is responsible for giving some depth or contours. Blend all the colors together to finish it off.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliners come in any colors either as a liquid or a pencil. Using the liquid requires some training and a steady hand. The eyeliner can give you a myriad of effects depending on how you use it. You can go for an Asian look, doe-eyed, or cat-eyes if you can master the art of eye lining. To make your eyes appear wider, start by applying one fourth away from the eye and should start out thin and gets a bit bigger. To make your eyes look closer, just apply on the whole eyelid length.

How To Apply Mascara

Keep in mind, to get the full effect of the mascara, you must not skip its solid companion – the eyelash curler. Together, they can give you a longer and fuller effect, and makes the eyebrow look thicker and longer. It is important that when applying mascara, you either look down on the mirror or tilt your head back in order to see the whole eyelashes. Always use light strokes so you can get a nice mascara coat without clumping your lashes. If you’re using fake lashes, make sure to apply another mascara coating to blend the fake lash with your natural ones.

Mind you, these are just the basics on how to apply eye makeup. Always remember to never overdo your makeup. Daytime makeup is lighter and natural; while evening looks are more on increased color and lining. With practice and some techniques picked-up here and there, you will look amazing all the time and wherever you are.

The eye makeup is the most essential and quite the longest part of your makeup routine. The end result is worth it anyway.

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