How Not To Be Shy

how not to be shy

There are many variations of shyness, but no matter what, overcoming it is essential if ever you want to make the most out of life.

How to not be shy is something you must learn if you ever want to get out of the slump you’re in. You may be making millions, but you can’t fully enjoy those millions because you’re too shy to get out of your comfort zone – I’m talking trying out new things, enjoying with friends and meeting new people. Besides, shy people are often associated with the anti-social crowd. If you do not know how to not be shy, there is a great chance that your behavior may be misunderstood and most people will think that you are rude and impolite. At times, they may assume that you are simply not interested, which is not good if the truth is you are very much eager and greatly interested. Take this for instance, your best friend invited that you go with her to a friend’s birthday party. Being overly shy, you end up hardly speaking at all and people in the party including the celebrant will think that you don’t like them because you are not talking to them. Only when your friend tells them that you are just shy will they understand why you are not talking to them.

With the above scenario, just think, what if you have no friend who runs to your defense? Chances are people would always see you as rude or a snob. And you cannot do anything to correct this because you don’t have the courage to approach them because you are always shy, right? And people would be hesitant to go to you as well because they are afraid that you will just turn your back on them once they do. See how ugly is the personality you are carving for yourself by being too shy?

To prevent living a life as lonely as this, you need to know how to not be shy because this is the initial and the most important step for you to little by little stand up in getting over it. It may not be easy to completely overcome shyness but learning how to cope with it slowly will help you live a more meaningful socially relevant life even if you are shy.

Before taking your step on how to get out from your ‘shy’ shell, it is important that you are aware what makes you shy. You see, there is always a reason for every action and reaction. So, there is a reason for your shyness.

One of the main causes of being shy is because you are insecure about yourself. Most of the time, you are shy to speak in public because you are afraid that you might say the wrong words and the fear of getting embarrassed in front of many people.

What is the use of getting to the bottom of why you are shy?

It is because dealing with shyness should start from within your own self. You need to conquer all your fears from where it roots from. Here are a few steps on how you can deal with shyness:

Accept yourself and be comfortable with who you are as a person

Basically, this means boosting up your self-confidence because this will be your essential tool in gathering your courage to face the public. Once you have completely accepted yourself, people around you will act in response to your improved and revitalized self-confidence. As a result, you will be more confident in showing more of you and from there, you will be at ease in facing other people regardless if they are in small or large groups. No longer will you shun away from the attention when in a large crowd or when many people are surrounding you.

Single out your strengths

You have to identify your strong qualities and make use of them as your channel in lifting up your self-esteem. Just think about the natural response of people who are compensating things they lack by making it up in several ways. It works the same when it comes to learning how to not be shy anymore. For example, if you sense that you are shy to sing because you know that your voice is not good enough, then why not figure out what you are good at instead and build it up, improve more on it and see yourself shine. It’s an effective way to boost your self-esteem. Hey! Come on! Shyness is not the only quality you have for sure. There are many good things that you have that you can harness and use as your tool to gain more confidence. The nice comments that you will get will be the boosters that will help shoot your self-esteem up.

Practice in private and see the results in public

If you can’t just immediately behave confident in public, try practicing it at home first. Practice makes perfect, so use the mirror to practice speaking confidently. Little by little do it in public until you find yourself behaving confidently in social situations similarly to how you did in front of the mirror.

When it comes to learning how not to be shy, you should not blame yourself if you do not achieve results soon. Overcoming shyness is a gradual process; however, if you continuously work on it you are sure to achieve your goal. So take it one step at a time. Start with simple social interactions with people you meet often. This will gradually help you become comfortable in doing it, increasing your chances of succeeding on how to overcome shyness effectively.

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