Alpha Males

Who Is The Alpha Male?

No, Dimitri The Stud is definitely not your average Alpha Male. Au contraire, he’s the epitome of a douchebag, a loser, a jackass – or just an epic fail.

Being alpha is not all about brawns and acting manly. It IS being manly by honing and harnessing everything at your disposal – polish that gentlemanly act, but don’t be boring by adding a tad bit of arrogance and cockiness; adopt political correctness but avoid shoving down your beliefs to anyone by listening and respecting other people’s opinion; doesn’t really go for the whole world peace talk but doesn’t instigate conflict either.

In a nutshell, an Alpha Male doesn’t give a damn about anyone and anything but himself..

He’s oozing sexiness – and no I don’t mean sporting an eight pack. Sexiness is more of an attitude than the actual physical structure of a person. It’s the way he carries his clothes, the way he talks, his body movement – every little nuance screaming confidence.

An Alpha Male is arrogant, but decent. He avoids conflict, focuses on his endeavors, steadfast in his beliefs and principles, not bad looking either and a complete god in the bedroom.

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