Alpha Females

Who Is The Alpha Female?

The Alpha Female template would have Camille Paglia’s mind, Angelina Jolie’s body, and Oprah Winfrey’s humanity. Big shoes to fill.

Respect, I think, is the main ingredient of an alpha personality. The difference is in how it is obtained. Many Alpha Females exploit the “alpha” concept. A “bitch” in this context, for example, would deliberately scare the crap out of people to get her way. A “whore” in the same context, is conditioned to be a stimulus, sucked in by the social matrix and corrupted by deviant/frictional dogma.

An Alpha Female is not a bitch but she’s not worried about coming off as bitchy. She’s confident and she never explains herself. She knows what she wants and does everything to get it without compromising herself and her principles.

It’s often misconstrued that Alpha Females are all about results and are emotionally unreachable, when in fact, they are the ones who want the most out of life in all aspects – a.k.a they are actually the biggest romantics. And no, they don’t actually pine or wait for anyone. They love sex – enjoy and indulge in them; but when they fall, they also fall hard.

There are no half-measures when it comes to Alpha Females. If there were, then they wouldn’t be alphas at all.

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