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Who Are The Alphas?

It can be you. But then again maybe not – especially if you’re into Jersey Shore. Fucking fuglies and douches.

Let’s just revamp your old lifestyle and tweak your personality a bit with the help of the articles in this section – from enhancing your looks to seducing the opposite sex, and from getting over an old flame to pretty much life in general.

Sex, money and success – everybody wants them, but only a few are enjoying all three. Some people are rolling in money but sucks at relationships and go through life bitter; while some people on the other hand are content with getting laid every now and then without a solid goal in life. Bums you could say.

They maybe content with that but Alphas strive to get all three – it’s genetically wired in them. If you’re satisfied with the way things are going in your life right now and are just lollygagging here, get the fuck out, you’re obviously in the wrong site.

Alphas are go-getters. They constantly crave challenge, don’t allow life to blindside them and are always running after excellence. Settling and mediocre ARE not in their dictionary. They dominate in life and life itself.

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How Not To Be Shy

If it’s not the shy part that wants to change, then there must be other parts of you yearning to be finally set free. Read more to transform your shyness.

How To Become Famous

Fame can be fleeting, but it can also be a magical experience for the person in the spotlight. Are you one of those aspiring to learn how to become famous?

How To Become Rich

How to become rich is a question ask both by the poor as well as the already rich. Ask them why they want it and you’ll probably get the same answer.

How To be Cool

Everyone wants to be cool, but not everyone is cool. Want to learn how to become the one who receives respect and admiration from everyone around?

How To Be Funny

Who doesn’t want to laugh? Who wouldn’t like someone who makes them laugh? Humor is something that thrives between person’s aspirations and limitations.

How To Be Happy

Happiness is something that all of us strive to find and keep. Nobody is happy all the time, but some people are definitely more happy than the others. See what’s their secret.

How To Be Popular

Popularity is not everything. But you can’t deny that going through life being popular certainly has its perks. Do you want to know how to become popular?

How To Deal with Difficult People

It’s no fun dealing with difficult people when it affects you negatively. Deal with these types of people by employing the right strategies.

How To Deal with Stress

People generally label themselves stressed when they have too much on their plate. Learn different techniques and strategies on how to deal with stress.

How To Gain Confidence

From social to business networks, the person with self-confidence is the one who achieves more. Learn how to gain confidence and make most of your life.

How To Make Money

Already earning money and yet you still want to earn more? Of course, who doesn’t? Everyday, more and more people are learning how to make money online.

How To Overcome Shyness

Everyone feels shy sometimes, but being too shy can hamper many aspects of your life. Find out more about how to overcome shyness with tips to help you.

Break Up:

How To Breakup in a Nice Way

It’s very hard to breakup in a nice way. The main thing is to inflict the least pain possible to your partner.

How To Breakup with Someone

Breaking up is never easy if you don’t want to leave a broken heart behind. There are things to remember in order for the breakup to go smoothly.

How To Deal with a Breakup

If you are fresh from the pain of breakup, you may feel rejected, hurt and angry. Dealing with these feelings is the first step to moving on.

How To End a Relationship

There are many ways to end a relationship but not that many are nice. If you don’t want to leave a broken heart behind, read this article.

How To Get Your Ex Back

Do you think you had something really good with your ex but he or she doesn’t see it? Read more on how to open their eyes.

How To Get Over a Breakup

Relationships come and go. When it ends, it’s usually better to stop wallowing and move on. Read this article for quick tips on how to get over a break up.


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How To Be a Good Kisser

Not so confident with your kissing prowess? Learn the secrets of how to be a good kisser! Be more confident by mastering these simple kissing techniques.

How To Dance

Learning how to dance is essential especially in today’s time. Whether it’s modern dance, hip-hop or doing the Tango, it won’t hurt to learn how to dance.

How To Dance in a Club

The club scene is nothing to fear or hate, and dancing is not a form of torture. You go out to have fun, just make sure you know how to dance in a club.

How To Do Magic Tricks

Have you ever been astounded by some of the seemingly impossible magic tricks performed by magicians? Entertain others by learning how to do magic tricks.

How To Flirt

There is no right time or place to flirt. Everywhere and everytime is an opportunity to flirt. Flirting involves recognizing a mix of humor and non-verbal signals.

How To Give a Massage

A good massage can relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, as well as increase physical intimacy, if desired. Interested in learning how to give a massage?

How To Have an Affair

Most people believe that when they get married, it will be forever. The fact is, a large number of them fall out of love. That’s usually the time they want to have an affair.


How To Gain Weight

Just like losing weight, gaining is a process,there’s no shortcut and you should avoid doing drastic changes to your body. Here are tips for safe weight gain.

How To Gain Weight Fast

Extremely fast weight gain may cause stretch marks and other skin damages. Learn how to build muscle and gain weight fast in a safe and convenient way.

How To Get Rid of Acne

Pimples or zits – whatever you call it, acne is just not cool. Do you want to know how to get rid of acne by using the most convenient acne treatment?

How To Get Rid of a Hickey

Accidents happen, a passionate kiss can lead to a telltale mark of love. Hickeys are embarrassing but there are few methods on how to get rid of a hickey.

How To Lose Belly Fat

What’s the best strategy for losing your belly fat? Learn how to lose belly fat the right and effective way by following these simple yet powerful tips.

How To Lose Weight

Figuring out how to lose weight is a challenge for many of us, particularly considering that the quickest path to weight loss is different for everyone.

How To Lose Weight Fast

Want to learn how to lose weight fast, safely and effectively? Ditch those crash diets and fad diets and stick to our healthy tips for rapid weight loss.


How To French Kiss

You have seen it done often in the movies and probably on the street in darkened corners. Master the art of French kissing for you and your partner.

How To Kiss

Bringing your lips in contact with someone else’s is a sign of intimacy. Whatever type of kiss it is, it should be a great experience for the both of you.

How To Make Out

Making out is probably the most common thing in any relationship. But the question is, are you any good at it? Learn the basics on how to make out.


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