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First off, I’m not here to provide you a pit party, rather to dish it out like it is when it comes to dating, sex and life in general. If you’re looking for any sugar-coated fix, then good luck finding it here.

From an early age I’ve been well-versed with the old adage that when life gives you lemon, make some lemonade. I learned to make use and maximize what I got – myself. There’s no second take in life, so when there’s room to push, I shove.

Don’t take that literally, please, as I don’t actually shove people. What I mean is if I had extra time after school, instead of idling about, I go make some extra cash by bussing tables, babysitting for the neighbor or walking dogs even. I have an eye for art, so I take the time to visit free-entry galleries just to polish myself up. You know, try to become a woman of substance. I’m fascinated with cultures, so I try to read as much as I can to learn more.

I can probably list more, but the best artillery I have, and one I do use to gain advantage in this fast-paced, competitive world, is that I’m a woman. And no, I don’t whore myself if that’s the line of thinking you were heading. Whoring and using feminine wiles is as different as night and day.

Oh come on, if all women knew how to play it, we’d be running the world – literally.

Love yourself. That’s the key right there. But I don’t mean the conceited, stuck-up bitch with an I-love-myself-too-much attitude that is pretty common in today’s society. There is a difference between conceited and proud. Take pride in yourself. Seriously, if you don’t, then you’re no better than those $20/a shag trollop found in sketchy corners of the street. Don’t forget to indulge and pamper yourself – you’ll find it goes a long way.

Point of all that up there is, you make use of what you got. Don’t wait, expect or wish for something that you don’t have. If you want something to happen, you make it happen – don’t wait for somebody to come down from the sky to tell you that you now have permission to succeed.

I have a pretty good head above my shoulders and I harnessed my people skills, so I decided to join the corporate world. Mind you it wasn’t easy to get where I am today. I had to work my ass off from high school to college doing odd jobs and modeling stints. So if you want to get anywhere in life, start today – one year from now, you’d wish you did.

In running after what you want, never compromise yourself. Always remember to stand for something, or you’ll definitely fall for anything. Live, laugh, love.


Nicole Williams

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