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Who doesn’t love sex? We know we do. And we’re betting you do as well. Question is, are you getting some? We can help you with that.

Who doesn’t want to get rich and famous? The monks and nuns maybe who have sworn off material things and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. But really, that’s fame and money we’re talking about and humans are nothing but vain creatures. It’s genetically instilled in us to crave it, to bask in the adoration of others.

Who doesn’t want to breeze through life as if everything is just falling into place for them?

Fact, life is never fair, easy and hands you everything. If you want something in life, you make it happen. Some humans appear like lucky sons of bitches and, err, bitches because they have everything – the looks, the comfort and success.

Though some are just born lucky and had it easy since the time they walked out of their mother’s womb, a lot of people go through life running after these three – and then reaching it.

These people are what we call ALPHAS.

Your Hosts

Hi I’m Nicole and I’ll be your new bff. I’m glad you found our site where you’ll definitely get your world rocked-out. Here you will experience the most amazing ride of your life – how to get him, how to get money and how to be successful. Sex, money and success – I call that the triple threat. Admit it or not these three play a big impact in our life. How we get them somehow defines who we are – are you a bench watcher, a side player, or the center attraction? Oh don’t worry, after I’m done with you, you’ll be the big star and your life the main event.

Hey I’m Sean and I’m here to teach you how to grab life by the balls. Yeah, instead of going through life as a minor player, or worse unnoticed, you’re going to be the game. I can teach you how to make everyone around you dance to your tune, and play their part in your own masterpiece. If you’ve got what it takes to be an alpha male, we’ll soon find out. Just remember that there’s only a fine line separating a douche from an alpha – excellence. Douches are all swag, while alphas are all about results. If all you’re after is just for show, go visit www.imadouche.net, I have no business with the likes of you.