what does being an alpha involve

attracting Women

What to do? What to say? All will be revealed in order for you to get out of your shell and make the ladies go crazy cause of you. Trust in the system and in yourself!

Having great Sex

It`s no use getting laid, if you don`t know what you`re doing. First impressions count, especially in bed. Give your partner a ride he/she will never forget!

Dominating men

Ladies! Men will eat out of your hand and adore you because of it. It`s a give and take mechanism that will assure you both will have a great ride!


How To Approach Women

When approaching a woman, you don’t need to be Rico Suave. Just remember to play it smart and keep in mind some basic tips. How to approach women don’t need for you to break out the “Hey, I forgot my number…can I get yours?” or the “Are you a parking…

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How To Deal With a Break Up

Dealing with things after they’re over is the first step to moving on. How to deal with a breakup is a sensitive matter. This is where you’re at your lowest and most fragile point. You’re susceptible to a lot of positive and negative things, hence it’s better to suck up…

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How To Eat Out a Girl

Just as much as you love your blowjob, women crave the oral pleasure as well. How to eat out a girl and get her toes curling, legs shaking with pleasure? Now, the art of oral pleasure is more than just the three T’s – tips, tricks and techniques. True, they’re…

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Wannabe Alpha Males and Females, listen up!

To get that hottie you’ve been eyeballing all night, you need guts – not time or money.

To make the most out of life, you’ve got to be at your best. Just a few minutes in our site, and we can jumpstart your life and bring out your A-game. TheAlphaHuman website will teach you how to create bullet-proof confidence with no fear of rejection, build powerful sexual attraction, as well as excel in all aspects of your life – in and out of bed.

Learning how to attract the opposite sex and get that eye candy from across the room spells a lot of fun, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg with what we’ll help you with. Take this website as your one-stop-shop for awesomeness. Gone will be the douche who clicked the site, enhanced will be the dull and boring who browsed our articles. Mind you, we’re not promoting and creating world-class a-holes and bitches who think nothing but sex, sex and more sex.

Who doesn’t love sex? We know we do. And we’re betting you do as well. Question is, are you getting some? We can help you with that.

Who doesn’t want to get rich and famous? The monks and nuns maybe who have sworn off material things and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. But really, that’s fame and money we’re talking about and humans are nothing but vain creatures. It’s genetically instilled in us to crave it, to bask in the adoration of others.

Who doesn’t want to breeze through life as if everything is just falling into place for them?

Fact, life is never fair, easy and hands you everything. If you want something in life, you make it happen. Some humans appear like lucky sons of bitches and, err, bitches because they have everything – the looks, the comfort and success.

Though some are just born lucky and had it easy since the time they walked out of their mother’s womb, a lot of people go through life running after these three – and then reaching it.

These people are what we call ALPHAS.